Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Employees

Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Employees

Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Employees


Are you the type of entrepreneur who is looking to profitably scale, grow and one day sell your business?

If you said “YES” to the above question then you’re in for a treat because today’s blog post discusses one of the most crucial areas that entrepreneurs (maybe even you) struggle with to reach the pinnacle of their entrepreneurial success:


The good news is that after reading today’s blog post, you won’t have to struggle with this process anymore because you’re about to receive some highly potent hiring strategies that can make a serious impact on the growth and profitability of your business from the moment that you start successfully implementing them.

With that in mind, be sure to read this blog post from top to bottom, o.k.?

Introducing Team Systemize.ly’s Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Employees

Step #1 You Must Clearly Identify Your Dream Candidate Before You Ever Interview Anyone

If you’re going to hire a qualified candidate for your position, you must first know exactly who you’re looking for.

The following guidelines can help make this step a whole lot easier for you:

* Know the exact qualities (skills, work experience, etc.) that your dream candidate brings to the table.

* Know exactly what your company can offer to attract your dream candidate so that you can motivate them to grow your business with you over the long haul.

* Know exactly what differentiates your candidate from a dream candidate on paper vs. a dream employee in the real world (note: I’ll cover this step in more depth below).

* You must constantly keep this information front of mind with you during the entire hiring process.

Step #2 You Must Promote And Publicize The Fact That You’re Looking For Your Dream Employee

In some instances, your dream employee may already be in your personal network, however that is not always the case.

Because of this dilemma, it’s crucial that you make an effort to promote and publicize the fact that you’re actively seeking your dream employee.

To simply this process for you, follow these best practices:

*Ask other business owners in your personal network for references of quality people who could fit into the culture of your team…

*Ask other business owners you know where they have been successful in posting employment opportunities for qualified applicants…

*Post your employment opportunity and make sure that it includes:

– A strong attention-grabbing headline…

– Details about what your position offers your potential dream candidate…

– The criteria that your dream candidate must have…

– A strong call to action that includes a simple accountability exercise to make sure that they are detail-oriented and worthy of the position.

Example: “Include a copy of your resume, 2-3 references, and your favorite pizza topping.”

Doing these steps requires them to begin investing themselves into the position before an interview is even secured, and shows that they are detail-oriented and serious about the position.

now hiring system

Step #3 Sort Through Your Applicants And Schedule Interviews

After completing step #2, it’s my hope that you’ll be swimming in a sea of qualified applicants who actually fit the criteria that you’re truly looking for.

To make this process a whole lot easier, follow these quick and easy steps:

– Make sure that each potential candidate has invested in the opportunity by providing you with all the details that you requested from your wish list including their favorite pizza topping. It’s important to note that if they are this detail-oriented from the beginning, then there is a high-probability that you can expect similar behavior from them throughout the hiring process as well as during the tenure of their employment with you.

– Narrow down the applications into your “Top 10” applicants.

– Begin to contact these applicants and set dates, times, to start the interview process.

Step #4 Perform The Interviews

During the actual interview process it is going to be crucial that you keep step #1 in the front of mind at all times.

Why? Because it contains the perfect image of your dream employee and it’s going to help you to cut through the “b.s.” that can potentially be spewed out of your applicants mouth.

To help you with this process, follow the following criteria:

– Develop 7-10 questions that can qualify/disqualify your candidate.

– Ask them to demonstrate proof with their responses, don’t just take them at face value.

Because if they truly can do what they say they can do, and they truly find value in what you can offer them as an employer, then they’ll be quick and ready to demonstrate that they talk the talk, and walk the walk (This is the key to differentiating between a great applicant on paper and a great employee in the real world).

* If they impress you during the initial interview, tell them that you’d like to schedule a follow-up interview.

* Set a date and time for the follow-up interview.

* Send them a thank you text/email to confirm the follow-up interview.

Step #5 Perform The 2nd Interview

In the second interview, don’t make things exactly like the first. Build on what you saw that was successful in interview #1 and spice things up a bit by doing the following:

– If you had an intial phone interview, then spice things up by having an in-office interview for local applicants or a skype-video interview if this a remote position.

– Ask them some of the same questions as before and see if they provide you with the same responses as a litmus test.

– If things go well, ask them what they’d expect from the position  (time commitment, financial commitment, personal vision for growth individually and with the company) and how soon that they’d like to start.

– Give them a sample assignment that is clearly outlined, unpaid and a short deadline that will demonstrate the quality of work that they do. Be sure to emphasize that their performance on the assignment has the potential to land them a 3rd interview and a possible offer for employment.

hiring employees with sample assignment

Step #6 Review The Work And Schedule The 3rd and Final Interview

If your applicant has made it this far in the interview process, then chances are they have a high probability of being a good fit for your business.

Based on how well and how quickly they complete your sample assignment, schedule the third and final interview.

Step #7 Perform 3rd and Final Interview

This is the big finale to the entire interview process.

To make sure it goes successfully, follow these quick and easy steps:

-Thank the candidate for their effort that they put into their assignment and compliment them on the areas in which they did their best on.

-Find out if the candidate has any other questions about the company.

-Present the applicant an offer to become an employee.

-If you can come to an agreement, and it makes sense for both you and the applicant then hire them.

-Notify any other applicants of your hiring and thank them for their interest in your organization.

It’s Easy When You Know How

Congratulations – you now officially have Team Systemize.ly’s  Ultimate Guide To Hiring Quality Employees at your fingertips.

The sooner that you start implementing the powerful strategies that you learned today, the sooner you’ll have a powerful team at your disposal that can help you achieve the 6 and 7 figure business that you’ve been dreaming of.

On that note, happy hiring and I look forward to hearing all your feedback in the  comments section below.

Talk Soon,
Michael James
Team Systemize.ly

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