Can This Sneaky Twitter Tip Take You To The Top?

Can This Sneaky Twitter Tip Take You To The Top?

Can This Sneaky Twitter Tip Take You To The Top?

Do you use the micro-blogging platform twitter?

If you said “Yes” to MJ’s question of the day, then you’re going to absolutely <LOVE3 today’s blog post because it’s jam-packed with a simple yet effective strategy to help you get more mileage out of your twitter tweets.

This way, you’ll start to make the most of this effective social media platform and you’ll develop a deeper more productive relationship with both your prospective/current customers in your marketplace.

With that in mind – let’s get started…

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: THAT’S THE QUESTION

Now I’m no “Marketing Hamlet”, but I do know that twitter is a valuable distribution channel when used properly.

On that note, I’d like to change your focus from “to tweet or not to tweet” to monitoring the manner in which you currently tweet and use the twitter platform to maximize your business success.

I’ll explain a specific strategy to help you do exactly that in just a second…

Believe It Or Not, It’s Not Video

If you want to get the most of your tweets, you need to create tweets that fit into the following criteria:

A) The tweet meets the targeted needs/wants of your twitter followers and your tweet must be specific to your market place.

B) The tweet must have the potential to go viral as a re-tweet.


The more relevant the tweet is to your followers, the more that they will want to “re-tweet” your tweet and share it with their personal network.

…And the more they share your tweets the farther your reach will go allowing you to take advantage of social proof while making a greater impact with your prospective/current customers.

Pretty simple right?

So Whats The Best Way To Get Re-Tweeted?

If you’re looking for the best way to specifically get your tweets re-tweeted then you must not depend on video.

(Surprising, RIGHT?)

Based on market research, integrating video is only the second best way to grab the attention of your audience.

That’s the bad news!

The good news is that integrating pictures frequently into your twitter marketing scheme will allow you to have the highest chance of getting your tweets to go viral.

On that note, don’t discount the power of video, but let your pictures do a large portion of your twitter talking by planning to integrate them into your overall marketing strategy on a regular basis.


No More Excuses My Friend!

I hope that you greatly benefited by investing your valuable time into reading today’s blog post.

By applying the information you learned today, you’ll be one step closer to connecting to your target market and positioning yourself as the gold standard in your industry.

Remember this my friend – the information you learned today is only useful if you decide to use it!

Like most things in life, knowing what to do is not enough, you must apply it…

On that note, be sure to:

A) Take what you learned today, experiment with it, and use it to give your business the competitive advantage.


B) Be sure to let me know what you want to see next from Team in the comments section underneath today’s blog post.

I look forward to hearing from you and I send you a prosperous and productive day from Team!
Talk Soon,
Michael James

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