5 Time-Saving Systems To Supercharge Your Productivity Today

5 Time-Saving Systems To Supercharge Your Productivity Today

5 Time-Saving Systems To Supercharge Your Productivity Today


If you’re the type of entrepreneur who truly values your time, then you’re going to absolutely love today’s blog post.

Because you, me and every other business-minded individual on planet earth only have 24 hours in a day to do their best work.

With all the distractions that life can throw at you, every entrepreneur (you included) needs a Strategy to get the most out of each day

…Luckily for you, the winning team here at Systemize.ly has you covered. I’ll explain more in just a moment!

5 Time-Saving Systems to hack your Productivity

System #1 – The “Simple Scheduling Protocol”

One of the easiest way’s to get more out of your day, increase your profits, and eliminate stress and anxiety is to create a system of scheduling your tasks.

Here’s how to accomplish this:

Step #1: Pat yourself on the back, say: “I CAN DO THIS“, and grab hold of your favorite high tech task manager such as (hitask www.hitask.com) or keep it simple and write down your 3 most important tasks that you MUST accomplish on a piece of paper with your favorite pen or pencil.

Step #2: Organize each of the tasks by putting your most important task at the top of the list w/ an allotted time deadline, and then the remaining two tasks with additional time deadlines.

Step #3: Actually complete the tasks.

Here’s an example of how to do this to make the picture crystal clear for you:

#1: (Pats myself on the back) while loudly exclaiming: “MJ You Can Do This”!

Task #1 Perform Content Research (20 Minutes)
Task #2 Brainstorm Titles For Team Systemizely Time Content (20 minutes)
Task #3 Write First Revision Of New Content Piece (90 Minutes or till finished)

#3   Complete each task come hell or high water on target and on time!

Listen – if you simply model this example in your own day you’ll begin to get more out of your day instantly.

If you don’t, the only person who you can blame is YOURSELF!


System #2 – The “Time-bomb Protocol”

If you want to explode your output on a regular basis, then time-bombing like tasks will certainly increase your personal productivity.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Pick a group of tasks that you must complete and set a time-bomb to actually complete them.

Step #2: Complete the tasks before their allotted time expires.

Here’s an illustration that explains this process thoroughly:

#1 Over the next 25 minutes I will update, and interact with my social media audience on twitter, and on Facebook by making relevant posts, and tweets, following up with any social interaction, and replying to any private messages that are relevant.

#2 Finish all of these tasks in 25 minutes or less and move on with my day.

I want you to know that creating personal “time-bomb” systems is extremely easy.

The quicker you start implementing this protocol, the sooner that you’ll start to experience the lifestyle that you desire.


System #3 – The “Mind Meal Protocol”

If you’re going to be productive, you’re going to have to feed your mind with foods that will give you the energy, and focus that you need to actually get your work done.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Choose a healthy protein (lean meat, fish, poultry etc.)

Step #2: Choose a healthy fat (nuts, avocado, fish oil, etc.)

Step #3: Choose a wet carbohydrate (green leafy veggies, low sugar fruit)

Step #4: Eat it and prepare for a highly productive work day!

Here’s an example of one of my favorite meals: Salmon (healthy protein and fat) + Apple (wet carbohydrate) = delicously balanced brain food…Yum! 🙂

To make this system effective, simply pre-plan and schedule your “Mind Meals” by preparing multiple mind meals in bunches so that your life becomes quick and easy by following the simple parameters that I shared with you today.

music for productivity

System #4 – The “Turbo Tunes Protocol”

One of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your productivity is by creating custom playlists with your favorite songs specifically designed to amplify the effectiveness of any the systems that I’ve shared with you today.

Here’s how to integrate it into your day:

Step #1: Go to Itunes and create a custom playlist equivalent to the length of your various tasks that you MUST accomplish.

Step #2: Start your task while listening to your custom playlist.

Step #3: Finish your work on target and on time.

Here’s a brief example illustration:

In my Itunes account I will create a 90 minute playlist called “content creation” consisting of my favorite artists like Snoop Dogg, Dre, 50 Cent, and OutKast (just to name a few). The playlist is 90 minutes in length because that is how much time I will have set apart as a personal deadline to finish my specific “content creation” task. The music then plays as I work and keeps me motivated, and on-task, while creating a powerful pace for me to gauge how fast I am actually working. If you’re someone who needs an additional push, then this protocol can do wonders
for you so be sure to give it a try today, o.k.?

It will totally work for you – TRUST ME!


System #5 – The “Daily Domination Protocol”

Like systems #3 and #4, the “Daily Domination Protocol” is also an amplification protocol meaning that it can be coupled with any of the systems that I have shared with you today.

For best results, simply follow these quick and easy steps:

Step #1: Write down your desired outcome.

Step #2: Write down the steps it will take you to most effectively accomplish this outcome.

Step #3: Read the previous out loud to yourself and visualize exactly what outcome you’re going to accomplish and how that outcome is vividly going to come to pass.

Step #4 Implement and complete the steps you mentioned in step #2 to achieve the outcome from step #1.

Here’s a quick example to make things 100% crystal clear for you:

#1: My desired outcome is to create a compelling facebook post that will engauge the audience, and cause them to comment, like, and share the great content that they just received.

#2: To achieve this desired outcome I must create a post that speaks specifically to the audience with a strong headline, body copy, and a call to action. If I really want to upgrade from a home run to a grand slame, I can even add
a photo, or a video to really make things enjoyable and interactive for the Facebook audience.

#3: I will read the previous two steps out loud to put me in the right frame of mind to execute this task most efficiently.

#4: I will then execute the task exactly as I spoke about it in step #3.

Pretty easy, right?

Remember my friend, these time-saving productivity secrets will only work for you if you put them into action.

If you want to see results today, then you know EXACTLY what to do so no more excuses, o.k.?

I’ll see you in the comments section… have a great day!

Talk Soon,
Michael James
Team Systemize.ly

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