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How Do Pickles Teach How to Build Systems in your Business ?

How Do Pickles Teach How to Build Systems in your Business ?

As I write this blog post, I am shaking my head thinking about how many times I have failed to do the very things I list here about building systems in your business.

I can think of how many times I have taught others exactly how to do this, but how many times I have neglected my own business systems of autonomy and automation.

Building systems is about creating a scalable and sustainable business model that can be built around your knowledge and practices, without you needing to run it every day.

When I think about systems, I think about places that have perfected them. McDonalds, for instance. They have the art of systems down pat. They could bring in a new team the next day and have their operations run smoothly. Their systems are so specific, that they even systematized the number of pickles on EACH burger, knowing that increasing 1 pickle per burger would be millions of dollars more in cost.

McDonalds could have their entire staff call out sick, have quick turnover, and still have operations run smoothly.

Systems are about making sure you are protected from the daily on-goings of life and business.

The truth is – Staff will get sick, you need time with family, and if you build your business around YOU and un-systematized work, you will never have the ability to scale and grow.

So, you’re stuck wondering How to build systems in your business?

Well, you need to start thinking about how easy it would be if you brought on 50, 100, 1000 more customers tomorrow. Could you handle it? Do you have systems in place?

If your team up and quit, could you easily bring on a new team to get things moving again within the week?

The Quickest and Best ways to build a system:

– Set up a review session at the end of each day and one at the end of each week. List out the tasks you did that day and the tasks you did 2-5 times that week. (For information on Daily Tasks check out this recent blog post)

– List out the details of what you do while doing the task. Do it step by step with each action you take.

– Organize the steps by priority. Which tasks do you do daily, which takes weekly, which tasks bi-weekly, which tasks monthly?

– Open and turn those checklists into “boards” with each to-do a step.

– Organize a checklist that you need to see in each step to make sure things are going correctly. This is an important step to one day have a manager check in so you can step away from the business. It also helps your team keep accountability on their own.


The next step is to look at what you have listed and see what CAN be done in an automated system.

Scheduling appointments? Great, use an automated schedule calendar like:

Sending reminder emails? Great, use an auto-responder to send out reminder emails (also part of

Sending birthday emails to clients? Use a Merge Field to automate this in your CRM.

Looking for related blog topics to write about? Use Google Trends to automate a daily email to you with your top related topics.

Not everything can be automated, but it can be systematized.

The more you can remove yourself from working inside your business, the more you can build a stronger and more scalable business.

Ok, so now I am off to systematize myself!