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5 Powerful Strategies To Creatively Increase Your Companies Profits

5 Powerful Strategies To Creatively Increase Your Companies Profits

Are you ready to increase the bottom line in your business?

If you said “YES!” to the question above, you’re in for an absolute treat because you’re about to discover 5 powerful strategies that will help your business increase it’s profitability in a creative and cool way.

If this excites you and you’re serious about increasing the profitability of your business, then do your bank account a favor and continue reading, o.k.?

Warning: Implementing Any Of These 5 Strategies May Have The Side Effect Of Greater Income

Strategy #1: Re-position your products and services so that you can charge higher prices

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Simplify The Decision Making Process For Big Wins In Your Organization

Simplify The Decision Making Process For Big Wins In Your Organization

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, there will be an endless amount of decisions for you to make.

The key for you as a leader in your organization is to develop the uncanny ability to make decisions that positively impact not only the business you’re building, but the customers you serve on a daily basis.

To help you with this, the winning team here at is hooking you up with a step-by-step strategy to help you develop a higher level of competency with this vitally important skill.

I’ll share more details with you in just a moment…

The Master Plan For Great Decision Making

In order to make great decisions, I encourage you to start integrating these steps into your decision making process:

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David Abrams on The Top Podcast: Understanding SaaS Business Leverage

David Abrams on The Top Podcast: Understanding SaaS Business Leverage

In episode 105 of The Top, Nathan Latka interviewed David Abrams, the founder of They discussed how David has used a smart professional offering to drive cash flow, and then used that cash to invest in building a cutting edge software platform. Nathan dove into the numbers and explored how much revenue Systemizely is generating and what it’s costing David to invest in Demio.

And of course, we also got to hear David’s answers to “The Famous Five!” Check out his answers.

1.Favorite Business Book: The Millionaire Fastlane
2.Is there a CEO that you’re following or studying right now? Jason Lemkin Saastr
3.Favorite online tool: Slack and Trello as one tool
4.Do you get 8 hours of sleep each night? Yes 7.5 – 8.
5.If you wish your 20-year old self knew one thing, what would it be?
There is no secret formula to being an entrepreneur. You just have to jump in and risk it, do it. Stay focused on your goals.

Go ahead and listen to the episode for yourself. (It only takes ~15 minutes!)
Then read on to hear me break down the most important takeaway from the show.

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How To Tone And Shape Up Your Business Like Equinox Fitness (Case Study)

How To Tone And Shape Up Your Business Like Equinox Fitness (Case Study)

The health and fitness industry is a brutally competitive industry to compete in.

How do I know this?

From first-hand experience actually working in the fitness industry in Orange County, Ca over a decade ago.

Since then, I’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go… but the one thing that hasn’t changed in the fitness industry is the fact that there is generally always a premium customer that can be acquired if the fitness business is simply willing to position itself correctly, and actually deliver the premium experience  that the affluent customer actually wants and is willing to pay for.

The problem with most fitness chains (and non fitness chains) however is that they fail to position themselves correctly and generally miss out on the affluent customer that they’ve always wanted to attract in the first place.

The good news is that the Equinox Fitness brand “aka one of the most innovative brands of 2015” is different, and that’s why I’m going to highlight them in today’s powerful case study.

This way, you’ll be able to model exactly how their premium customer experience puts them head and shoulders above their competition so that you can be a rising star in your industry just like Equinox.

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Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success

Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success


Have you ever enjoyed a cool refreshing Coca-Cola Classic soft drink?

Chances are you have because statistics reveal that Coca-Cola products now available in over 200 countries and averages 1.9 billion servings of its product a day.

With impressive numbers like that, it’s safe to say that:

A) Coca-Cola has developed an extremely loyal customer base that they’ve nurtured extremely well over the years…


B) Coca-Cola knows a thing or two about marketing and positioning their brand.

Want to know what’s even cooler?

By the time that you read and comment on today’s blog post, you’ll have a step-by-step system that you can model to build an incredible brand in your market place too!

With that in mind, let’s get started…

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The 4 C’s Of Start-Up Business Success

The 4 C’s Of Start-Up Business Success


Today I have two questions for you:

1) Are you currently thinking about pursuing a start-up business


2) Are you currently involved in a start-up business venture?

If you said “yes” to any of the previous -2- questions, then today’s blog post is exactly what the Dr. ordered because it contains some crucial tips for start-up business success.

On that note, let’s start the show…

It Doesn’t Have To Be Super Risky-Business

Listen –

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Genius Business Idea For Recurring Revenue

Genius Business Idea For Recurring Revenue

Do you like to hear about creative business ideas?

I know I do, and that’s why I’m pleased to share with you one that I recently saw that I’m positive will really inspire you.

The specific quality that makes this idea so noteworthy is the fact that it takes a hungry market (that to my knowledge no one has ever found a solution to appease at this point) and provides the perfect solution to ease their pain at an affordable price point on a monthly basis.

Is this a genious idea?

I’d say so – but you’ll have to read today’s blog post to make your own decision for yourself…

…And when I say read the blog post, I mean read it from top to bottom, o.k.?

This way you’ll be able to digest every nutritious nugget of marketing knowledge and model it as you see fit.

On that note – let’s get started!

So What’s The Idea And What’s So Genious About It?

Good question my friend!

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How Do I Find My Demographic? Mapping Your Niche and Finding the Right One

How Do I Find My Demographic? Mapping Your Niche and Finding the Right One

I love personality based marketing, it really makes you focus on the BENEFITS of what you are selling and how you’re product can help those SPECIFIC people.

When we build out campaigns we look to focus on a specific demographic and niche. It might be the most profitable niche in a marketplace or a specific topic in a market.

The goal, of course, is to break it down to the exact people we want to have as customers, clients, or students for a program.

This is the same system we use for our own campaigns and for our client’s campaigns.

We start by listing out the program and benefits.

What problem does this product solve?
What are the benefits of using it?
Why would someone want to use this product?

We then start mapping out who that target demographic would be.

How do I Find my Demographic

Once we name it directly, we start doing what we at Paint Your Brain call: Questions and Problems (Q&Ps)

I start the process like this:

  • List out the Current Demographics Situation
  • What is their Business Goal or Personal Goal ( i.e. Spend more time with family, Reduce the amount of time working, make more income, increase event conversion, etc…)
  • Problems then break down the current roadblocks that stand in the way of their goals. What things are they trying to overcome to actually achieve something measurable? For instance, for the speaker – “Attendee rates to my Webinar are only 20%”.
  • Questions then breakdown the problems and business goals into how those goals can be achieved. Also they break down their current situation or systems that are currently on the market. These should reflect the limitations they have in the niche; for instance, speakers might ask – “How can I get a higher attendee rate of my Webinar/Seminar?”.

These are REAL questions your demographic will be asking, so directly answer them in your copy, sales presentation, or FAQ’s.

Once you know these items specifically, you can build your questions into the exact copy you use to talk speak TO them (not at them). The more specific you can be with your messaging, the better your conversion will be.

The goal is to target specific demographics and expand your marketing message more and more, each time targeting specific pain points (or the primary PROBLEMS) related to their unique niche.

Eventually, to scale the product to a wider niche product, you can generalize as many of the pain points into specific areas, in an effort to speak to multiple niche demographics at once. The goal is to keep your conversion high, your niche messaging specific, and let your market message actually resonate and address real, specific problems.

Your product is simply meant to solve those problems.

In our blog posts, we will continue break down how your advertising message should then be specifically geared towards the customer avatar and link directly to your niche-specific sales message.