4 Tell Tale Signs That It’s Time To Fire Your Employee

4 Tell Tale Signs That It’s Time To Fire Your Employee

4 Tell Tale Signs That It’s Time To Fire Your Employee

There are many different challenges in the life of an entrepreneur.

One of those challenges is knowing when it’s time to let go of one of your team members when they simply are not getting the job done.

Now I know that employees, are humans and I want you to treat them with the utmost respect, but the reality is that when it’s time for them to go, THEY GOTTA GO!

I’m not saying this to be mean…I’m saying this because their lack luster behavior can potentially hurt you, your business, your vision, and most importantly your customers.

When the stakes are that high…it’s easy to see why I decided to write this blog post and why you should read every single word of this blog post in it’s entirety…

When Your Employees Display These Less Than Desirable Behaviors…TERMINATION IS INEVITABLE

If you’re going to terminate one of your beloved employees, you need to understand that it’s not about them as a person, it’s about their behavior as an employee in your business.

With that in mind, be aware of these 4 tell tale signs that it’s time to fire your employee:

Red Flag #1: Your Employee Is Unproductive And Frequently Misses Deadlines

If you’re dealing with an employee who is better at making excuses then they are at meeting deadlines, then you my friend have identified a red flag.

Before firing this person, be sure that you give several warnings and document each time that they missed the mark
by specifically analyzing their behavior. This way when it’s time to give them the news, they will be better able to handle it. Remember to do this process tactfully by keeping your former employees ego and value intact.

Emphasize to them that you expect a certain standard of excellence, and tell them after further review they simply are not meeting your criteria.

When you present this news to them refrain from being shy and communicate them in a way that is kind, direct, and lets them know the truth based on your evidence of their work habits in a way that specifically illustrates that they simply are not cutting it!!

If they deny your evidence, remember that it’s a problem with them not a problem with you.

At this point, you’ve done your part, so cut your losses, and move on!

Red Flag #2: Your Employee Is Not Adaptable

There are times when your business will change, your technologies will change, and your personnel will stay the same.

In times like these, it’s crucial that you identify the employees who refuse to adapt to the ever-evolving culture of your business and put them on notice. If after both documented correction, additional training opportunities, and a boat load of encouragement they still refuse to grow as a team member then your only option is to eliminate them from being a team member by asking them firmly yet politely to leave your company.

As with any firing, provide evidence of how you made an effort to help them, make it about their contributions to the team, not about who they are as a person and kindly ask them to leave.

Red Flag #3: Your Employees Blood Type Is Poisen And Creates A Toxic Working Environment

If you’re hiring skills are on point, it’s still possible for a predatory employee to slip into your organization undetected.

The key in a situation like this is to recognize it immediately because a person like this can give under the radar poisonous blood transfusions to the rest of your team and cause a mutiny very quickly.

The answer to dealing with an employee like this is to document their toxic behavior by closely monitoring them and putting them in situations that can minimize their ability to influence or cause a scene that could be detrimental to the well-being of your business.

Once they have showed you 3 or more reasons why they can not be in your business, kindly and politely give this person their pink slip.

Be sure to fire this employee with class by respecting them as a person, do it at a time when no one else from your team is around to minimize collateral damage, and most importantly do it at the end of the week to avoid any mid-week retaliation.

firing employee

Red Flag #4: Your Employee Has A “Secret DGAF Tatoo” That They Forgot To Tell You About In The Interview…

If it turns out that you mistakingly hired an employee with a “secret dgaf tatoo” that they kindly forgot to mention
to you in the interview, then you need to deal with this foul attitude swiftly and tactfully.

By letting this tattoo connoisseur know your company’s standards from the get-go, you will quickly draw a line in the
sand that communicates that your company is:

*Built on excellence…

*Has high-standards…

*And most importantly that if they would like to continue to be part of your company that they will have to shape up
or ship out!

Be aware that a lot of these types of candidates can be weeded out if you implement “The Rock Star FormulaHERE into your hiring processes.

Because it’s to late for that now and they are employed in your business, you must be sure to promptly address the issues, document their bad behavior, and show them the exit sign after their 3rd strike.

As always, document and address the poor behavior, let them know it’s not about them as person, it’s about how they behave in the working environment and present your evidence.

In all honesty, the employee truthfully may not care at all and blow you off.

If they do that, it’s a maturity issue, and you don’t need to take it personally because it’s a problem with them not YOU!

You Know What To Do Now…So Do It!

Congratulations – you now are fully aware of Team Systemize.ly’s  Four Tell Tale Signs that it’s time to fire your employee.

The key for you at this time is to take this new awareness and turn it into action.

This way your business can continue to develop into the dream vision that you desire!

…And since we’re on the topic of desires, there is a burning desire over here at Team Systemize.ly for you to continue to aim high…achieve your goals…and most importantly share what you learned today by passing on this information to all your friends on your favorite social marketing channels.

On that note, have a great day and I’ll see you at the pinnacle of your success!

Talk Soon,
Michael James
Team Systemize.ly

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