How To Have A Profitable Conversation With Your Business

How To Have A Profitable Conversation With Your Business

How To Have A Profitable Conversation With Your Business

Do you realize that when you're not around, your business is running it's mouth behind your back? (I'm totally serious…)

To help you decode these crucial conversations, today's blogpost will fill you in on 3 sneaky little questions that you can ask your business to see what the heck it's been saying about you when you're not around.

This way, you two can work together and capitalize on your conversations so that you build customers for life by deeply connecting to your audience!

I'll explain more in just a moment…

These 3 Questions Will Make You More Money

If you want to speak “bizness-ease” like a pro, then you owe it to yourself to ask your business the following 3 questions:

Question #1 – Ask Your Business What It Says It Stands For…

Whether you know it or not, your business stands for something!

The problem is that what you stand for, and what your business is actually communicating are two different things.

The solution?

Ask your business what he has been saying and see if it adds up to your initial vision.

If it does, that's great and you both are on the right track to higher levels of prosperity.

If it doesn't, then you gotta put your foot down and give your business some pr lessons so that the two of you can work together.

This way you'll both make the biggest impact, and your business will really have something to talk about when you're not around.

Question #2 – Ask Your Business If It Talks Big And Backs Up It's Claims…

Does your business have an “Ali-Complex”?

The type where it tells everybody on the planet that it “floats like a butter fly, stings like a bee, and that it is the G.O.A.T.?”


Does your business run it's mouth and not produce?

Knowing the answer to this specific question is critical to your success because it will allow you to gauge the congruency of your message and positioning so that you and your business can both shine together.

marketing message

Remember- nobody likes a “boy who cried wolf business”, so please make sure that your business backs up EVERYTHING that it says and over-delivers like a champ, o.k.?

Question #3 – Ask Your Business If It's Speaking The Right Language To Your Market…

Did you know that in order for your business to speak the right language to your market, your business MUST possess incredible listening skills so that it can hear what the heck your audience is saying?

Luckily for you and me, we're both alive in the “social revolution” and your business has -EVERY OPPORTUNITY- to listen to your customers desires so that your business can communicate to them in the most effective manner possible!

To drive this point home, remember this principle:

If your business can't hear what the market wants, then it can't speak the right language to them which means that you can't make the sale or meet your customer's needs.

The result?

A sub-standard way of doing business that neither you nor I want you to experience…So be sure to listen up, and listen good, o.k.?

Don't Give Your Business The Silent Treatment!

It's my hope that today's blog post sparked a desire to help you cultivate an excellent relationship with both your market and your business.

Be sure to remember to implement what you learned, and build positive momentum for both you and the Team community by leaving a comment about how today's blog post is going to help give you the momentum you need to build the business of your dreams.

Remember though, without consistent action, it will simply be just a dream.

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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