Seriously – Cut The Crap Jack!

Seriously – Cut The Crap Jack!

Seriously – Cut The Crap Jack!

Are you or your business hitting your prime objectives at this stage of the game?…

If not, then this blog post may be one of the most important blog posts that you ever read because it explains one of the key reasons why entrepreneurs get stuck in mediocrity and never rise to the the level of achievement that they are actually capable of.

If you're thick skinned, ready for positive increase and you're willing to leave the b.s. behind, then I strongly suggest that you continue reading today's blog post…

The Truth About Finger Pointing

One of the most common things that keep entrepreneurs from succeeding is their misconception of the blame game because they don't realize who they're actually really pointing at when they start pointing fingers at other's for their personal failures.

Here's The Truth About Pointing Fingers…

procrastination loop

When You take the time to point your index finger at someone and blame them for your problem, then you're failing to realize that you're actually accusing yourself because you have multiple fingers pointing back at you who are silently identifying the true source of the problem.

(Three to be exact)

With that being said, if you're not where you think you should be right now in your business, then you need to stop blaming your circumstance, and start making moves!

In just a few moments, I'll give you some exact steps on how to do exactly that so be sure to continue reading, o.k.?

You'll Thank Me Later

If you're finally ready to move out of a state of perpetual business blunder, then the following 3 STEPS will certainly do the trick:

Step #1 Identify Your Procrastination Loop

One of the reasons why most entrepreneurs fail to achieve higher levels of success is because they confuse their “hard work” for procrastination meaning that they truthfully are busy, but busy on the wrong things.

If you're currently spending more time on mindless tasks, then stop being a knuckle head and make a personal commitment to changing this nasty habit FAST.

This way you won't be wasting your time, and you'll actually be reaping the rewards of your time invested.

Step #2 Get An Accountability Buddy

If you're the type of person who consistently falls short of their personal best, then stop carrying the load all on your own and get yourself an accountability partner/coach.

By getting an accountability partner/coach you'll have someone that you can turn to for encouragement, as well as someone who can knock some sense into you if you're lacking motivation and simply need a friendly wake up call/slap in the head to get moving.

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…And when you see how far you and your business have moved forward, then I'm positive you'll want to kick yourself for not making the decision sooner.

Step #3 Stay Committed

One of the biggest reasons why certain business people succeed, and certain business people fail is due to the fact that very few entrepreneurs are committed to doing anything of real value.

If you simply commit yourself to taking massive action on a frequent basis, and simply dedicate yourself to taking action everyday then you'll be light years ahead  of where you are now.

Don't just take my humble opinion on it though, try it for yourself, watch your progress soar, and be sure to send me a years supply of Omaha Steaks when you realize just how powerful this concept is, o.k.?

🙂 <== Me smiling from your success and the tasty aroma of steaks cooking… lol

Orange You Glad You Read Today's Blog post?

Congratulations on investing your personal time and energy into reading today's post!

I hope you that you enjoyed reading, but what I hope even more for you is that you take action and implement what you learned.

Anything less than that would simply be a waste of time, and with this 24-hour a day finite structure we're both working with, you really don't have much of it to waste my friend!

On that note, be sure to take action, say hello in the comments area, and have a great day!

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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