How To Keep Your Employees Motivated All Year Long

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated All Year Long

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated All Year Long

Have you ever struggled or had an irrational fear or anxiety about keeping your employees motivated?

If you said “YES” to the above question, you're not alone!

In today's world, employee motivation is a lost art.

Luckily for you…you've made the smart decision to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Your reward, you ask?

A golden ticket to become the next “Pablo Picasso of Employee Management”, aka step-by-step solutions to master the art of employee motivation.

If you're ready to rise to the challenge, continue reading…

How To Motivate When Money Just Isn't Enough

No matter what your employees tell you with their mouths, money will not always keep them more motivated, nor will it make them work harder.

The following solutions that I share with you today can and will make a huge difference in the attitudes of your employees so make sure that you implement them, o.k.?

Solution #1: Create Individual Benchmarks

One of the easiest way's to motivate your employees is to create an environment built on personal excellence and bench marks.

If you're not sure how to accomplish this, utilize these easy-to-follow instructions:Step #1: Once you have your vision established, take the time to create individual and team benchmarks that can help you ALL come together as one to achieve your company mission.

Step #2: Set different time periods such as weekly, daily, monthly, quarterly, and even annual benchmarks for each of employee/team to reach.

Step #3: Take the time to get to know your team, and employees individually enough to discover what motivates them. By having this information at your disposal, you can always connect that motivation to helping your employee consistently hit the apex of their performance anytime that you need to.

Step #4: Publicly acknowledge each milestone that a particular team or employee in your organization is achieving at a team meeting.

Step #5: At the end of the year have an awards ceremony and acknowledge what good things were accomplished individually and as a team for your organization. This can be done virtually or at a specified location.

Step #6: Re-focus on the vision of the previous year, and repeat this process AGAIN!

Solution #2: Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk

One of the easiest ways to motivate your employees is to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions to help you accomplish this:

Step #1: Realize that the people in your organization are watching you and YOUR ACTIONS ARE MAGNIFIED EXPONENTIALLY!

Step #2: Because you are now aware of this, begin to step up your accountability by carefully planning your time, your words, and your actions before you go public with them or your team.

Step #3: Whatever you do in front of your team, do it with the intent to motivate them with excellence!

Step #4: If you make a mistake, acknowledge it, it will make you appear more human AND it will magnify how quickly that you bounce back and get on track!


Solution #3: Create A Positive Work Environment

Step #1: Set the example by laying the foundation of what a positive environment looks like, by demonstrating positivity in your own life.

Step #2: When you realize that someone does have a problem with negativity, quickly isolate them from the rest of the group and hear them out. Once you hear them out, provide them with solutions to overcome this issue.

Step #3: If the problem is you, and it's because you don't keep your word, then you need to apologize to them and demonstrate that your actions are much louder then your words.

Step #4: If the problem involves more than the original person you spoke with,  take the time to investigate the issue more thoroughly and provide solutions and adjustments as needed.

Step #5: Document the incident with the time, the date, the scenario, the action taken, and what was agreed upon.

Step #6: If the problem continues, and you see no improvement in this area, Consider removing them from your organization especially if your state allows you to fire at will. Don't just fire…have a legitimate reason.

Solution #4:  Make Your Employees Feel Like An Individual Instead Of A Number

Step #1: Make an effort to know the first name, last name, and at least 2 areas of interest of every single one of your employees.

Step #2: If you are not the type of person who has a great memory, make this information part of the discovery process and document it.

Step #3: By knowing this information, you'll always have an ice-breaker ready that you can instantly connect with them on outside of work. Once they know you, like you, and see you as someone who is personally invested in them, then they will have a greater desire to stay motivated as well as to respect you.

Step #4: Send them something special on their birthday.

Step #5: At least once every two-four weeks, send them a personalized memo to thank them for the time that they've invested in your company. This can be an email, a text, a voice mail, a video message or whatever you feel that will display an attitude of gratitude for their hard work that they are investing in your company.

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Solution #5: If You Notice Something Awesome About Your Employee – ACKNOWLEDGE IT!

Step #1: Realize that each employee has strengths and weakness.

Step #2: If you observe a strength that you or the employee haven't previously demonstrated before, acknowledge it and compliment them on it.

Step #3: If this strength fills a particular role that your company needs additional assistance in, begin delegating work of this nature to them as an award for their effort.

Step #4: Commit to training your eyes for excellence, not just flaws like most employers.

Your Team Can Absolutely Crush It Year-Round

I'm serious friend,  in your hands you now possess powerful solutions to keep your teams motivated both individually and collectively.

If you simply take a leap of faith and commit to implementing them daily, good things CAN and WILL happen for you and your organization!

If you keep on living and running your business the same way…nothing will change and you'll be the one held accountable.

With that in mind…IMPLEMENT…Take Massive Action…AND…CRUSH IT BABY!

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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