It’s All a Hack really…

It’s All a Hack really…

It’s All a Hack really…

It's all a hack.

Ok I've said it and it's out there.

Those internet marketing guru's you are following, those hands-off launches you have seen that have blown up – aren't what they seem. The money, the prestige, the lifestyle… it just may not be what it seems on social media.

Yes, these things are real, these people are real, but what you don't see is the hard work, the effort, the time, the trial and error, the nervousness of that speaker on stage, the frustrating days, the days when customer service headaches overwhelm, the chargebacks, the hiring processes, the firing processes, the fact that things always break when you least expect it, and the duct tape on everything.

Most likely most people you see aren't some genius scientist or inventor who have figured out something brand new and groundbreaking. Of course, there are the great visionaries who do (Shout out to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos), but for the most part we are talking about the process of taking problems and making better solutions.

We are talking about normal everyday people who have taken action, people who have learned something new and implemented it.

We are talking about the people who KNOW what they want and work day in and day out to get it. NOT superhuman. Just SUPER driven.

The “Do Whatever it Takes” Person.

And 99% of the time that means starting from the bottom.

That means after school, work, or an illustrious career we understand that we don't KNOW what we need to know yet.

It means taking the shitty end of the stick and working late, getting up super early, exhaustively struggling to get your footing. But, you just keep moving forward.

Calling the next prospect, making the next call. Not being afraid to fail, because it's the only thing that drives you forward. To learn what works and what doesn't.

Getting the knowledge from real life scenarios and borrowing the knowledge from others who have treaded the path before us. They've already laid the tracks for us to follow.

I have been completely blessed to say I have worked with some really amazing entrepreneurs, multi-million dollar businesses and great visionaries who are working to change industries. And I have watched many of them mature into great minds.

They are NOT smarter than ANYONE. IQ actually doesn't play that big of a role.

So why do THEY have success and you don't?

They took action. Non-stop action. They took a plan, focused on it and took it to completion.

They put on blinders and stopped buying every product from every vendor. They made a goal and reviewed what it would take to get there.

When you were watching TV at night, they were reading, watching courses, learning, implementing.

Not special. Just focused.

woman entrepreneur reading

Everyone of them did it it their own way and it's important you do it YOUR own way too.

But, here's my method to get started down the RIGHT path: (this is what I did)

Step 1: Get a Goal  (I don't care what the goal is but, it's SUPER important to be specific. Specificity makes it real.   Say that number, talk about the car or the house. You'll often hear to GOAL set high and you should, but when you just start out make a realistic goal that seems attainable. I often see people fail when they set huge lofty goals and their minds can't even wrap their heads around it. It's just TOO big TOO soon. We'll get there!)

Step 2: Outline What you Will Sell (Services, E-commerce, Consulting, Software, Information, Physical Store?  Pick something you would have interest in. When things get tough, it's important that you care enough to keep it going. It doesn't have to be your “PASSION” but something to keep that fire burning. )

Step 3: Pick 2 Traction Channels to Start (SEO, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media, Google Ads, etc… Be Specific on them and become a specialist on them. Learn everything you can on them. Not a little bit on ALL of them. **very important**)

Step 4: Learn about your Target Market (REALLY learn about them. What are the problems? How do they communicate? Where?  Do the research and don't SKIP this step. Ever.)

Step 5: Find the Top Competitors in Your Space (Nothing is new, remember? Learn from people already successful here. There's no faster way to succeed. Research, Model, and put your own Spin on it.)

Step 6: Create Your Daily Plan to Hit your Goal (Again specificity is crucial here. What actions are you able to take each day to step closer to your goals. It doesn't matter how much time you can commit, if it's 3 hours after work – make it a habit to use that time productively towards the goal. Write it down and read it over and over and over).

Step 7: Put on Blinders (The bigger the better. Keep your focus on learning about your niche, your product, your target market, your competitors, courses from industry experts, industry books, and everything in between. There's a million and one ways to make money, just focus on one.)

Step 8: Get to WORK, every single day on the daily goal.  (Habit is key here. On the down days, push yourself through the headache, through the tiredness, and when it seems like you're scared/unsure if you should do it, it means you probably should do it NOW. Like now. Do it.)

Step 9: Keep yourself Accountable and JOURNAL the Progress.  (You're going to hit road bumps. We all do. Keeping track of where you and where you are going is going to be crucial to understanding your process. This will also keep you in the process of habit getting. Successful people are able to see what they did each day and where they need to improve.)

Step 10: Pivot, but never stop. (Pivoting is the process of making changes to your business model, your target model, your pricing, your technology anything and everything that requires change. If you can't accept changes and aren't flexible enough to understand everything must pivot than you won't be in business long. Take what you've learned and apply it to the pivot. But, whatever you do don't stop. Ever.)

I guarantee you that if you follow this… you will find success.

Remember these three things though:

  1. There is no Overnight Success. More like years in the making. Progress and growth take time – so be patient. Practice good habits now and make every day count. You'll get there if you don't give up.

  2. Everyone fails. It's part of the journey. Accept that now and be ok with it. It sucks, it hurts, but the more you get used to it and allow yourself to fail the faster you will find success. I promise you nothing ever goes as planned, so be ok with this.

  3. Continuous Learning. One of the fastest ways to grow is to learn specialized knowledge from those who found success and have made the mistakes to save you time and effort.  That means BUY the course. Purchase the book.  PAY for mentorship. Put down the investment and absorb the knowledge.  Any investment in learning will come back 10x in results. It's worth every penny.  Just make sure you don't buy every single thing out there. Buy things relevant to what you need to know for your specialized plan and for what you are doing right now.

Whatever you do, just remember you are human and you are in this to make money and make a change.

As I build out this series, I'll go in depth more on each of these steps, and there will be times when I will TELL you what to study. Some things are crucial to understand. Some things may fit you for your specialized plan.

Keep your eyes out for the next update and to you brave entrepreneur, I say “Go bravely into the grind.”

Talk soon,
David Abrams

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  • Abass Sahrawi May 2, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Hey David

    Really so so motivational & great article , some golden nuggets shared here .

    Looking forward to the next article

    • David Abrams May 3, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      Thanks Abass! Really appreciate it!

      I’ll try to keep bringing it 🙂

  • Tim Vega May 3, 2016 at 12:22 am

    Wow… David, I really needed to read this. I’m in the grind. Money is tight, stress is building and it’s a pressure that I am growing accustom to. I have to focus on what I do have, an Ecom store that people love, a fresh SEO Consulting business and a untapped eBay market. Just trying to figure out how to properly upscale. Thanks for posting brother.

    • David Abrams May 3, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      Absolutely, Tim! Sounds like it’s time to turn on those blinders and put your head down. Keep your focus and learn the missing pieces from others to speed up that process of figuring out how to properly scale. Tim Schmitt talks a lot about scaling. Might be worth talking to him 🙂

  • Joe Miller May 3, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    David, I can confirm that a high IQ is not necessary for success. In fact it may be a detriment if it is not managed. It seems that the higher the IQ, the more prone you may be to shiny object syndrome. You only have to look at the success rate of Mensa members to see it is no better than the general population.

    I was one of the first ten people in a start up in 1986. Our fearless leader was not the sharpest tack in the box compared to the people he hired. We missed many deadlines, not for months, but for years. What he did have was focus and the ability to work out side his comfort zone. I remember him paying for a field test including crew hotels and food, on his AMEX card and I am pretty sure he didn’t know how he was going to pay the AMEX bill.

    His persistence payed off. We did become successful in the mid 90s and the company was sold to a US multinational for $480 million in 1997. It wasn’t his IQ that made us successful. It was his persistence and focus in the eye of many failures that won the game.

    • David Abrams May 3, 2016 at 9:40 pm

      WOW! That is a hugely inspirational story.

      That’s the power of focus and working outside your comfort zone. Thanks for this great reminder.

      Really appreciate it 😀

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