Is Your Inner-Circle Secretly Destroying You?

Is Your Inner-Circle Secretly Destroying You?

Is Your Inner-Circle Secretly Destroying You?

Since you’re reading today’s blog post, my spidey sense tells me that you’re the type of person who is committed to excellence.

I want you to know that I think that’s really cool my friend!

What I don’t think is cool though is the fact that you may have some “secret saboteurs” quietly lurking around in your inner-circle of friends that are keeping you from building the life and business of your dreams.

In my eyes that’s a big problem…

Don’t worry though, these pesky double agents can only harm you if you let them.

…And after reading today’s blog post, you won’t ever have to let them manipulate you EVER again.

On that note, let’s get down to business!

What You Know Bout My Friends MJ?

Listen I may not know your friends personally, but I am fully aware of how they can affect you.

Think I’m blowing smoke up your booty?

Well then you better think again my friend because your inner-circle has the ability to:

*Shape your beliefs on a conscious or unconscious level…

*Help you press on forward to higher levels of accomplishment or pull you down and keep you down for good (if you let them)

*And they have the ability to socially validate you or invalidate you if they choose to have a bad day and cross your personal/professional boundaries!

With that being said, who you let inside of your inner-circle is extremely important so be sure you continue reading today’s blog post to get the inside scoop on how to handle this all-important situation…

Be Careful Of Who You Fly With

You ever heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together?

I have too… the problem is that if all your birdies that you like to tweet with (both on and offline) are settling for less then their personal bests then you may be flying with the wrong crowd.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that I’ve taken the liberty to share with you a valuable evaluation tool called “MJ’s Social Success Personal Inventory Checklist.

Here it is:

*Rule #1: Evaluate The Vision Of Your Inner-Circle

MJ’s Note: If the people in your inner-circle fail to share the same creative vision as you do, then they may be a detriment to your personal growth and the overall impact that you produce with your business. With that being said, make sure that you closely evaluate the goals and visions of your inner-circle to see if most of your expectations match up so that you all grow together instead of becoming stumbling blocks for one another.

*Rule #2: Evaluate The Time You And Your Inner-Circle Spend Together

MJ’s Note: Time is valuable. With only 24 hours in a day, the quality of your interactions are of the upmost importance.

With that being said, be sure to perform a good looky-loo at how you and your big-5 spend it together.

If you notice that most of your time is spent on useless, meaningless, or self-destructive things, then I utterly implore you to re-evaluate how you invest that time immediately!

*Rule #3: Evaluate The Quality Of Your Interactions

MJ’s Note: Are your social interactions uplifting and encouraging?

Do they contain constructive criticism to help you and your inner-circle

If not, then I ask you why not?

If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneurial world-changer then it’s extremely valuable to continue speaking life and success into the ears of your close circle of friends. This way you’ll be constantly surrounded with positive momentum and you all can achieve personal bests together.

Of all the rules of engagement that I’ve shared with you so far, this one needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Otherwise you’re simply cheating yourself of the awesome life available to you.

Remember though, it’s your life and only you can choose the decisions you make…so I’ll leave it at that!

*Rule #4: Evaluate Yourself/Your Personal Contribution

MJ’s Note: No matter how awesome you think you are when you look at the reflection staring back at you in the mirror you always need to acknowledge that you too my friend have flaws.

This is very important to understand because if you narcissistically consider yourself the upmost standard of perfection, the only person you’re fooling is yourself and you’re cheating both you and your inner-circle from the best life that you can achieve.

With that being said, be open to identify the character flaws that you’re currently dealing with and take the time to make a personal commitment to adding value to each person in your circle of influence.

When you do this, you can rest easy and know that you’re doing your personal best and in due time you’ll see lots of positive progress in your own life as well as the lives of others in your inner-circle.

*Rule #5: Evaluate Your Answers/Establish Clear Boundaries

MJ’s Note: After taking the time to evaluate yourself as well as the group, it’s important to draw a line in the sand by setting some personal boundaries.

When creating these boundaries feel free to create both visible and invisible boundaries.

This way you’ll be clear-headed about the quality of your personal actions as well as the interactions
of the group so that you all make the highest impact on each other’s lives together.

…And if members of your inner circle don’t meet the criteria, and they aren’t committed to excellence like you, then you simply need to minimize your interactions with them or ask them to leave all together.

Be committed to this process, it will pay dividends for everyone involved in the long run!

How High Are You Going To Fly ?

Now that you’ve successfully read my “Social Success Personal Inventory Checklist” you officially hold the keys to to maximizing the quality of your inner circle.

But I will add an extra fast-track key: Masterminds.

If you get into the right mastermind for you, the results will speak for themselves and you’ll truly appreciate being part of a group of people with similar goals and mindset, all ready to help each other achieve bigger things.

David Abrams our CEO posted recently about his own experience being part of a top-level mastermind for entrepreneurs, you can read it on Facebook page:

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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