Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs Pt #2

Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs Pt #2

Hello my friend!

Welcome back and thanks so much for tuning into part #2 of's 2-part series on ‘Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs'.

In part #2 of this series, you're going to discover:

A simple cheat sheet that you can use to simplify your personal fitness workouts so that you boost your overall health and productivity in your business.

Best of all, you can use it whether you're in your office, your home, or even in your hotel room when you're on the road.

Now that I have your attention, let's get started!

*Introducing Your Personal Fitness Cheat Sheet*

*Must Have #1: The Gym Boss App

The gym boss is the next best thing to having your very own fitness coach.


It's simple – the Gym Boss App keeps tracks of your sets, and rest periods so that you don't have to 100% on your smart phone.

This way you can:

*Crush your workouts…

*Stay focused…

*And finally stop worrying about tiny details like if you're exerting yourself too little or too much during your work sets/rest periods!

Best of all, the Gym Boss App is 100% free so there's no excuse not to get it.

*Must Have #2: Personal Resistance Band And Door Jam

Believe it or not – you really don't need a full gym to get a great workout.

All you really  need is:

*Your own body weight…

*A personal resistance band…

*A door jam!

If you have those -3- things, you really can perform an almost infinite amount of strength and cardio exercises.

If you're not sure what type of resistance band to get, be sure to check out:

*Lifeline fitness bands


(Note: You can purchase both of them at

*Must Have #3: Starter Warm-Up

Perform 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions of each of the following warm-up exercises back to back with no rest.

*Jumping Jacks
*Skier Jacks
*Cross Jacks

If after one set you feel that your heart rate is up high enough, and you've broken a sweat then feel
free to move onto to your workout of choice.

*Must Have #4: Starter Workout

This starter workout is a great way to start your workout routine.

It consists of some basic exercises that just about anyone can do, and it can be done just about anywhere.

Enough talk, here's your Starter Workout:

*Push ups
*Running in place
*Wall Sit
*Mountain Climber
*Resistance Band Row

For starters, take your gym boss and perform these simple exercises for:

*15 second work sets

*30 second rest periods

*1-3 sets of each exercise back to back till you finish

Best of all each set takes a little over 4 minutes…


…You only have to workout 1-3 times a week to see real results!

You do have around 4 minutes to invest in your health, RIGHT?

*Must Have #5: Cool Down

Successfully cooling down is not rocket science.

Simply perform a full body stretching routine, or walk around for 5-8 minutes until your heart rate decreases and you relax.

Doing this will keep you healthy, wealthy, and productive!

***Do You Want It Or Not???***

At this point, you have to decide for yourself if:

*You're truly committed to becoming healthier, wealthier, and laser focused by implementing
what you learned today…

*You're going to make the effort to be healthy enough to enjoy the wealth you're currently building in your business…

-You're finally ready to stop making excuses…

-You're committed to supercharging your health and your business with regular exercise!

If you're truly committed, the only person stopping you is YOU.

Today I've given you some powerful tools.

All that's left is for you to use them, and use them consistently.

The rest will take care of itself.

Dedicated to your health and wealth,

Mike Mahon CSCS
Team Systemizel.y

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