How To Outsource Your Projects More Profitably

How To Outsource Your Projects More Profitably

How To Outsource Your Projects More Profitably

If you’re looking to better leverage your time and increase your revenue then this blog post is exactly what the doctor ordered.

How do I know this? Because Dr. Michael is officially on the job and he has the perfect prescription to simplify your remote team building and project management efforts.

With that being said, grab a hold of your seat, keep your eyes glued to this screen, and let’s make you an outsourcing pro RIGHT NOW!

So What Exactly Is Outsourcing And How Can It Improve My Business Anyway?

If you’re not sure what outsourcing is, I’m confident that you’ll have a good handle on it after the following explanation:

Outsourcing is the art of taking certain specialized tasks from your business and leveraging your time by having them done by other skilled professionals.

The reason why outsourcing is such a powerful tool for your business is that it will free up time for you so that you can focus on the most profitable areas of your business, while allowing you to recruit and cultivate the right talent so that you can build a long term successful team of professionals remotely.

Platinum Prescription For Outsourcing Success

If you want to get the most out of your outsourcing efforts, then my platinum prescription will provide you with an exceptional level of outsourcing success.

For best results, simply follow Doctor’s orders as directed and you’ll discover that you’re in for some serious success in your future outsourcing efforts.

Recomendation #1: Have The Right Mindset

When hiring a qualified outsourcing agent, it’s important to think long-term.

Why? It’s simple – not all freelancers are created equal.

Because of this dilemma, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for top talent that not only pays attention to detail and your instructions, but also delivers you quality work to your specific specifications on time.

Recomendation #2: Make The Candidates Prove Themselves

One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs run into when they outsource different projects is that they end up taking a gamble on a freelancer instead of allowing them to prove themselves and earn more work accordingly.

If you’re serious about growing your team, give the candidate some test work and compensate them accordingly.

If your freelancer does a great job that meets exactly what you were looking for, then continue to provide them with more work, and remember to reward and incentive them for great work to keep them motivated and eager to work with you.

If after awhile you notice a positive trend of excellence from a particular freelancer, then you may even want to contract this person on a full-time or part-time basis.

Recomendation #3: Ask For Referrals From Other Successful Entrepreneurs

While there are some quality websites that you can find some great freelancing agents on, I highly suggest that you ask other entrepreneurs for recommendations on any good candidates that they know of who can fit the criteria of what you’re looking for in your personal business.

This way, you can get access to a top-notch freelancer who is already battle-tested so that you can save time and money in the long run.

outsource profitably and without stress

Recomendation #4: Hire Quality Freelancer Talent At Affordable Prices From The Following Websites

If you currently don’t have a very big network of other entrepreneurs that you correspond with on a regular basis, then I highly recommend that you consider finding yourself fresh talent at any of the following 4 websites that I’ve listed for you below:




* Amazon Mechanical Turk (

Remember that with any of these outsourcing sites, you can find hidden gems.

If you don’t find the right candidate at first, you don’t need to stick with them. Thank them for their time, and move onto the next candidate that complements you and your specific needs best!

Recomendation #5: When Posting Your Job Be Strategical

When you post your job on any site that allows you to post, remember to follow these best practices:

– Have a strong headline that catches the attention of your targeted freelancer.

– In the body content of job posting, be sure to post a brief description of exactly what you’re looking for as well as request of any portfolio worthy work that the freelancer may have.

-Be sure to throw in a small disqualification mandate such as “tell me what your favorite movie is”. By doing this step, you’re going to be able to narrow down the responses very quickly because the applicants who answer this question will stand out like a needle in a haystack.

Recomendation #6: Compensate Your Freelancers Strategically

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from getting gouged by freelancers is to hire each freelancer on a per job basis instead of a per hour basis.

If you’re not sure why I recommend this particular strategy, then I’ll make it abundantly clear for you right now!

Freelancers who you hire on a per job basis cannot gouge you the same way a freelancer can on a per hour basis can by taking their sweet time to complete a simple task that you assign them.

If you want to protect your hard earned dollars, and receive quality work then I highly advise you that you follow the best practice that I’ve shared with you today.

Recomendation #7: Use This Nifty Site To Manage Your Projects More Effectively

If you’re looking for the extra edge throughout the project management of your freelancers, then I highly recommend that you take advantage of the breakthrough technology on

In a nutshell Trello is versatile, highly affordable 100% free solution that will give you everything you need to manage your project like a pro!

Outsource Intelligently And Increase Your Income And Impact – Dr’s Orders!

By this time I’m positive that you have a solid foundation for your future outsourcing endeavors.

The key for continuous success is to follow the platinum prescription that I’ve outlined for you today, and to be shrewd in your outsourcing endeavors.

If you simply follow the prescription, then I’m highly confident that there is a bright future for you and your future team.

Until next time… share your love for Team on Facebook and Twitter… AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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