How Do I Find My Demographic? Mapping Your Niche and Finding the Right One

How Do I Find My Demographic? Mapping Your Niche and Finding the Right One

How Do I Find My Demographic? Mapping Your Niche and Finding the Right One

I love personality based marketing, it really makes you focus on the BENEFITS of what you are selling and how you're product can help those SPECIFIC people.

When we build out campaigns we look to focus on a specific demographic and niche. It might be the most profitable niche in a marketplace or a specific topic in a market.

The goal, of course, is to break it down to the exact people we want to have as customers, clients, or students for a program.

This is the same system we use for our own campaigns and for our client’s campaigns.

We start by listing out the program and benefits.

What problem does this product solve?
What are the benefits of using it?
Why would someone want to use this product?

We then start mapping out who that target demographic would be.

How do I Find my Demographic

Once we name it directly, we start doing what we at Paint Your Brain call: Questions and Problems (Q&Ps)

I start the process like this:

  • List out the Current Demographics Situation
  • What is their Business Goal or Personal Goal ( i.e. Spend more time with family, Reduce the amount of time working, make more income, increase event conversion, etc…)
  • Problems then break down the current roadblocks that stand in the way of their goals. What things are they trying to overcome to actually achieve something measurable? For instance, for the speaker – “Attendee rates to my Webinar are only 20%”.
  • Questions then breakdown the problems and business goals into how those goals can be achieved. Also they break down their current situation or systems that are currently on the market. These should reflect the limitations they have in the niche; for instance, speakers might ask – “How can I get a higher attendee rate of my Webinar/Seminar?”.

These are REAL questions your demographic will be asking, so directly answer them in your copy, sales presentation, or FAQ’s.

Once you know these items specifically, you can build your questions into the exact copy you use to talk speak TO them (not at them). The more specific you can be with your messaging, the better your conversion will be.

The goal is to target specific demographics and expand your marketing message more and more, each time targeting specific pain points (or the primary PROBLEMS) related to their unique niche.

Eventually, to scale the product to a wider niche product, you can generalize as many of the pain points into specific areas, in an effort to speak to multiple niche demographics at once. The goal is to keep your conversion high, your niche messaging specific, and let your market message actually resonate and address real, specific problems.

Your product is simply meant to solve those problems.

In our blog posts, we will continue break down how your advertising message should then be specifically geared towards the customer avatar and link directly to your niche-specific sales message.

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