Fitness Brand Uses Targeted Automation To Explode Their Profits (Case Study)

Fitness Brand Uses Targeted Automation To Explode Their Profits (Case Study)

Fitness Brand Uses Targeted Automation To Explode Their Profits (Case Study)

Are you looking to explode your profits by systemizing your business?

If you said “yes” then today’s blog post is for you because it highlights the exact process that rising fitness brand TRX used to increase their customer base utilizing a simple yet effective automation technique that you can model immediately in your business.

Don’t just take my word for it though, continue reading the entire blog post to discover exactly how TRX’s targeted automation secret can explode your business too, o.k.?

So What Is Targeted Automation And What Does It Mean To Your Business Anyway?

Targeted automation is a deliberate purpose-driven strategy that successful entrepreneurs use to systemize various aspects of their business by taking multi-step approaches and integrating them into modern technology so that human intervention is reduced, and productivity is increased.

If you’re the type of entrepreneur who wants to increase their productivity, and processes while eliminating man power, then it’s highly recommended that you integrate targeted automation processes into your  business whenever possible.

Here’s How TRX Uses Targeted Automation To Give Their Business The Winning Edge

The targeted automation strategies that TRX used are simple and easy to replicate so be sure to take a close look at the following two approaches that helped to make TRX more profitable!

Targeted Automation Strategy #1: TRX Integrated A No Prospect Left Behind Initiative On Their Website

One of the easiest ways that many businesses lose repeat website visitors and first-time customers to their competitors is by neglecting to capture the contact information of their prospects on their very first visit.

Trx rises high above their competition by integrating a no prospect left behind initiative that consists of:

* A simple benefit-related pop up window where the future customer can receives special offer’s and fitness training tips in exchange for their email address…


*A 3-part prospect funnel that is geared towards building a strong relationship by delivering value and a special offer to turn the prospect into a new TRX customer.

Now you might be thinking that I’ve heard of other businesses using this technique before, but my question to you is are you using it in your own business to boost your website profits?

If not, you’re leaving serious moolah on the table…

…and speaking of leaving money on the table TRX has a powerful strategy that they use to minimize the loss of customers that significantly spiked their revenue.

If you’re serious about making easy money, then you absolutely have to integrate what you’re about to learn in Targeted Automation Strategy #2.
customer targeted automation in fitness

Targeted Automation Strategy #2: Turning Kamakazi Kustomers Into Buyers

Have you ever heard of a Kamakazi Kustomer?

Chances are if you’ve ever been in a business you have!

I know this because in every type of selling environment both on and offline there is a small segment of prospects who crash and burn on the way to becoming a customer for whatever reason and never complete the sale.

This costs business valuable time, energy, and profits.

In terms of TRX, they have an automated strategy that you can easily implement into your business, here it is:

* The moment a customer begins the checkout process, TRX gathers important contact information such as phone #, email address, as well as necessary shipping information.

* If the potential customer fails to complete the rest of this checkout process for whatever reason, TRX inserts
them into a 3-part Kamakazi Kustomer rescue sequence that allows TRX 3 additional attempts to turn this hot prospect into a brand new customer.

*It’s reported by Silverpop that TRX increased their ROI by 583% simply by making this simple tweak to their business.

That’s All Absolutely Terrific But What About My Business???

Whoops – my bad… I totally forgot that you were still tuned into WIIFM while you were reading this blog post!

Luckily for you, I can give you a quick little cheat sheet to accomplish stellar results just like TRX in your own business.

Here’s how to integrate *Targeted Automation Strategy #1 into your business:

Step #1 – Create a lead magnet and unique thank you page url where your prospect can access your lead magnet after opting in.

Step #2 – Setup a lead capture property where your prospects can optin to get access to your lead magnet.

Step #3 – Connect your email automation provider (TRX used silverpop, other great ones available) to your lead capture property.

Step #4 – Write your 3-part follow up sequence and create your special offer.

Step #5 – Load it into your email automation provider

Step #6 – Drive traffic to your lead capture property and let targeted automation strategy #1 do it’s magic.

customer targeted automation in fitnesscustomer targeted automation in fitness

Here’s how to integrate *Targeted Automation Strategy #2 into your business:

Step #1 – Secure the necessary contact details you need immediately during the checkout process.

Step #2 – Create a 3-part follow-up series to help Kamakazi Kustomers finish the checkout process.

Step #3 – Load it into your email automation provider.

Step #4 – Profit! 🙂

Targeted Automation Worked For TRX And It Can Work For You Too!

The powerful information that you learned today can benefit you no matter what niche that you’re currently in.

The key to benefiting from it though is to follow the simple check list that you received today, and implement it.

If you’re not sure how to implement any of the steps, simply leave a post in the comment section or take the time to invest in some of Team’s done for you services.

When it comes to targeted automation and funnels we have a proven track record of success that can benefit your business. Please invest a few minutes into your future profitability and click here to learn how we can help you with your funnels

Until next time… comment often… share your love for Team on Facebook and Twitter… AND HAVE A GREAT DAY! 🙂

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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