How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

Mastering the art of employee promotion is very important to the growth of your team.

Why? Because it provides a unique platform to acknowledge your employees for their exceptional work while simultaneously increasing their value and productivity with their new position.

To be great at this process, you don’t have to be a genius, you simply have to leave your ego at the door and apply the winning strategies that I share with you in today’s blog post!

Let’s get started…

4 Steps To Promote Your Employees Like A Pro

If you want to start promoting your employees like a pro, simply follow these guidelines:

Step #1: Initiate An Achievement-Based Promotions Program Into Your Business

If you want to motivate your team to perform at a high-level consistently, take the time to outline a structure that clearly communicates what type of positive activity warrants a promotion.

Some important areas to include in your program are: consistent work-ethic, mastery of new skill-sets, greater levels of education, hitting company milestones, and any other intangible that you feel is noteworthy.

Keep this process simple. The sooner you begin implementing this, the sooner you and your team can start benefiting from it.

Step #2: Keep Your Eyes Out For Employees That Are Promotion Worthy

Many employers have a critical eye that instantly recognizes employees who are performing exceptionally poor. Make today the day that you consciously decide to re-train your eyes to start identifying employees that are performing exceptionally well instead by adopting a 3 to 1 encouragement to correction ratio in your management repertoire.

When you make this adjustment, I GUARANTEE over time that you not only will see boosted morale in your organization, but also be able to more easily spot the promotion worthy employees who are performing at a high level.

Step #3: Once You Spot An Employee, Ask Them if They Would Be Interested In Being Promoted

Believe it or not, not all employees desire to be promoted so it’s absolutely imperative that you speak to them first about it.

If they are not interested, commend them on their excellent work and stress how valuable that they are to your team.

If they are interested, let them know that you cannot promise them a promotion at the moment and that they are strongly being considered for one.

Thank them for their interest, and let them know that you’ll be following up with them in the near future about this opportunity.


Step #4: Make The Promotion Official

Once the promotion is official make a public announcement to your whole team via email using the following template:

Subject: Congratulations (name of person being promoted)!

Body Content:

Greetings from (insert name of your organization) –

On behalf of myself and the whole team at (insert name of your organization) I would like to congratulate (Name of employee being promoted) on their new promotion of (insert new job title).

Over the past (months/years) (name of employee being promoted) has demonstrated (insert whatever they do well) and we just want to take the time to publicly acknowledge (name of employee being promoted) for their dedication and tremendous impact that they have had on our business.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your talent with our team!

(your name)
(your title)

Employee Promotion Is Easy When You Know How…

After reading today’s blog post it’s easy to see that employee promotion is not only an art, but something that is highly achievable if you simply suspend your disbelief and begin to implement the 4 strategies that you discovered today.

At this point, I’ve done my part, now it’s time to do yours!

I highly advise you to develop this important skill because it will strengthen your management skills and help you to create a more productive environment of excellence in your business.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you at the pinnacle of your success!

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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