Simplify The Decision Making Process For Big Wins In Your Organization

Simplify The Decision Making Process For Big Wins In Your Organization

Simplify The Decision Making Process For Big Wins In Your Organization

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, there will be an endless amount of decisions for you to make.

The key for you as a leader in your organization is to develop the uncanny ability to make decisions that positively impact not only the business you’re building, but the customers you serve on a daily basis.

To help you with this, the winning team here at is hooking you up with a step-by-step strategy to help you develop a higher level of competency with this vitally important skill.

I’ll share more details with you in just a moment…

The Master Plan For Great Decision Making

In order to make great decisions, I encourage you to start integrating these steps into your decision making process:

Step #1: Clearly Define The Overall Vision Of Your Team And Keep It With You At All Times

If you want to make sound business decisions, I highly reccomend that you keep the overall vision of your team on the front of your mind at all times. To accomplish this, simply carry an index card and do the following two things.

A) Write on the front of the index card:


B) Write on the back of your index card:

The exact vision that your business actually has and is working toward each and every day.

To help you get abundantly clear about this, use the following examples as a template for your index card:

Actual Template:

“At (insert business name) our vision is to provide our customers (xyz platforms to provide xyz value), and generate (xyz revenue) by (insert date) by helping our customers achieve their online business goals with our high-end products and services.”

Actual Vision Statement:

“At Better Business Today our vision is to provide our customers with powerful information products, masterminds and one-on-one-coaching to help them achieve a 7-figure income online in the next 12 months. Our goal is to generate 4 million dollars in revenue by Dec 31, 2016 by helping our customers achieve their online business goals with our high-end products and services.”

Step #2: Take The Time To Weigh The Pro’s And Con’s Of How This Decision Will Affect This Vision

Now that you’re aware exactly what the vision of your company is, you must take time to weight the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of how this decision will affect your vision by making a simple pros and cons sheet like the example one below:

Will help me save time.
Will make the lives of my team easier.
Will save my team headaches and money long term.

Learning curve.
Set-up time.
High up-front cost.
Business is unproven.
No one I know has had success with this and not enough measurable benefits to make me become the first.
My business is working well without having this already.
No real competitive advantage by implementing this in my business.

My Final Conclusion: The business is fine the way it is. I will not be moving forward in this new direction.

Step #3: Stand By Your Decision

Let’s face it, some people are incredibly persuasive. Once you have made your decision, stick with it and stand firm no matter what.

Successful decision makers learn from their successes and failures based on the decisions they make and letting someone persuade you to go in a direction that you know makes zero sense is absolutely idiotic.

Stand firm… move forward… and prosper no matter what the critics say because you’re becoming a sound decision maker and you’re business is in the process of going places my friend!

You Got This Friend!

Decision making is a process that you will develop greater levels of competency, skill, and awareness with as time goes on.

Luckily for you, success leaves foot prints, and the strategies that you obtained today will shorten the learning curve for you dramatically so you start making sound decision once you begin implementing it.

…And since we’re on the topic of implementation, why not make the smart decision to start implementing these strategies today?

It will benefit your team, your customers, and your business so I highly advise you start incorprating it into your decision making process immediately.

The results will speak for themselves!
Talk Soon,
Michael James

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