The Creativity Code: 5 Powerful Strategies to release your creativity immediately

The Creativity Code: 5 Powerful Strategies to release your creativity immediately

The Creativity Code: 5 Powerful Strategies to release your creativity immediately

So you want to be creative, eh?

If you said “YES” to the above question, then you my friend are in the right place because I am about to share with you a very special concept that I coined the “Creativity Code.”

Once you understand the in’s and out’s of this powerful concept, you’ll be able to start being more creative in all you do as soon as today!

With that being said, let’s make the most of your time (and mine!) by unleashing the creativity code into your business RIGHT NOW…

Inject These 5 Strategies Into Your Business Immediately

Strategy #1: Create The Right Setting For Your Creative Work

If you’re going to be creative, it’s highly advantageous that you create a working environment that contributes to your creative process.

Here are some suggestions to help you do just that:

*Make sure your work environment is quiet.

*Make sure your work environment is fully supplied with important necessities such as: food, water, working supplies, lighting, white board, sketch pad and any thing else that will aid in your creativity.

*Make it a distraction free work environment that follows the protocol of: no cell phones on, no text, no email unless it’s scheduled email time, etc.

*Make it an environment that’s easily accessible to you, but difficult for others to access you in.

Strategy #2: Choose To Tune In Or Tune Out For Maximum Creativity In Minimum Time

If you want to get the most of your creative work, then music can help to enhance your working environment or cause a distraction.

For best results do the following:

*Firstly, decide if this is a music free/noise free working environment, or one that is full of your favorite tunes.

(Personally I utilize a mixture of both environments… do what’s most congruent with you!)

*Secondly, if you decide to utilize music as an effective stimulant, take the time to create some custom playlists on your itunes, pandora, or even find some pre-made playlists on youtube of your favorite music.

Personally, I’ve been utilizing a lot of instrumentals in my personal work environment as of late. If you want to know how I jam now a days during grind time, check out my playlist here .If you like hip hop beats, you’ll probably enjoy it! 😉

*Thirdly decide if you prefer to listen to your music through traditional speakers, or a comfortable pair of head phones. I’ve used both over the years, but everyone is different. Find out what your preference is, and use it to it’s
fullest capacity for best results.

Strategy #3: Choose The Optimum Time Of Day That You Are Most Creative

Everybody has a time of day where they truly feel creative. As a matter of fact, some people have multiple high times that they truly feel creative at.

To make the most of these times do the following:

*Block off specific times in your day where you will be most effective by clearly outlining a set starting time and an end time for your creative work. If you go over your end time and are still creative, don’t stop yourself… keep rolling because you’re experiencing a creative high!

*Schedule specific creative tasks that must be done during those times and focus only on those things…no distractions…no exceptions…period!

*Make the most of your creative high times by keeping track of them for the next 21 days so that you can develop a schedule and a pattern of what will allow you to be most effective.

*Repeat as often as you like and let those creative juices flow! 🙂

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Strategy #4: Dig Into Your Creative Grub

Believe it or not, food is a drug!

That’s right my friend – the right combinations of food can actually improve your focus, your creativity, and overall creative mood.

With that being said, I have decided to share with you some food combinations that have worked well for me over the years when I needed to get my find focused creatively.

Remember this – everyone is different, so don’t expect perfection the first time you are looking to supply your taste buds with top flight creative food, o.k.?

*Today: Salmon, with black pepper corn and red chili peppers, and a apple, pineapple, broccoli and chocolate hemp smoothie have been my creative fuel of choice.

*During the summer of 2010, it was Del Taco late night chili cheese fries.

*Personally, I’d recommend the healthier food combinations that I use today, but find out what works for you. Nutrition and food is a big part of the creative process and there is no one size fits all.

Strategy #5: Be Adaptable And Able To Set Up Your Location Both Home And Abroad

There are many different environments over the years that I’ve created these optimum working environments and I’ve made many lifestyle adjustments to make sure that I did have a high level of focus and creativity.

Here are some of the places that I’ve found to be very productive for me.

*At the kitchen table where I’m writing to you right now. I have two monitors set up, a fridge for my food, my vitamix for smoothies, a big water bottle for when I’m thirsty and a multitude of pens, cans of salmon, and a great area to write.

*During one point in my im career, I used to have an upstairs office with a computer desk, two monitors and a lamp equipped with my favorite chocolate bar to eat while I did my creative work.

*During the summer months and in early september, I did a heavy bit of traveling and worked out of various hotel rooms, and a few home offices of friends homes that I stayed at that just had my lap top, and a whole lot of peace and quiet.

The important thing to remember about this whole thing is that you can find a place that allows you to be the best you that you can be so that you can create quality work. Remember – you don’t have to be a carbon copy of me, be the creative original version of yourself that you were meant to be and let God sort out the rest!

Being Creative Starts With The Decision To Be Creative

Being creative and creating quality creative work isn’t hard when you are committed to becoming efficient at the creative process.

Luckily for you, you’ve received 5 powerful strategies today that you can begin implementing right away to help you accomplish what you discovered today in both an effective and efficient manner.

Remember – the key for you at this point is to actually implement what you learned. If you implement it, you can expect to see massive progress, however if you simply punch this gift horse in the mouth, then you’ll be the one looking like a silly “donkey bum” at the end of the day!

Thanks for reading today’s blog post, I look forward to hearing your comments all over Facebook and Twitter… have a wonderful day!

Talk Soon,
Michael James

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