5 CORE Habits Of Highly Effective Leaders (is this YOU?)

5 CORE Habits Of Highly Effective Leaders (is this YOU?)

5 CORE Habits Of Highly Effective Leaders (is this YOU?)

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Or just see if YOU are set to be the highly effective leader your business NEEDS?

Good – because you’re about to learn the 5 CORE Habits from Team Systemize.ly’s most effective leadership strategies.

Why give these away?

Because at Team Systemize.ly, we’re serious about your success…

…If you are too, then we officially grant you permission to continue reading the remainder of this blog post 🙂

Introducing Team Systemize.ly’s
5 CORE Habits Of Highly Effective Leaders

Habit #1 – Highly Effective Leaders Stay Calm Under Pressure ( you know EXACTLY what moments we mean 🙂 )

Picture this – all hell is breaking loose…all eyes are focused on you… and if you don’t do something, your business is officially SCREWED (so you think)!

That’s the problematic scenario, here’s the solution:

Step #1: Take a deep breath, and remain calm projecting courage, and confidence. Remember every problem is just a new challenge to be worked through.

Step #2: Let your team know that they must do the same.

Step #3: Tell your team something encouraging like:

“We’ve all faced adversity at one point in our lives. Our ship is not going down. We need to focus on “xyz solution”, encourage one another, and remember that we CAN and WILL overcome this situation if we just leave our ego’s at the door, and do what we do best (by elaborating on what exactly that is specifically from your team!)”

Step #4 When you’re done speaking, lead by example, while encouraging and actively helping the situation diffuse minute by minute until it has passed.

Then get to work to fix the fire and make sure you figure out HOW/WHY it started. Solving problems is also about fixing where they came from.

The “5 Whys” from Eric Ries, author of Lean StartUp, works wonders here.

Try this next time you find yourself in the situation!

Habit #2 – Highly Effective Leaders Are Committed To Constant Improvement

If you’re going to become the highly effective leader that you were born to be then commitment to improvement is an absolute MUST.

Here’s how you can accomplish that in a consistent basis:

Step #1: Surround yourself with other leaders in your industry by joining a mastermind. This will keep you sharp, cutting-edge, and focused on being the best you that you can be. Invest the money in yourself and your business. It will be worth EVERY penny.

Step #2: Set daily, weekly, and monthly bench marks for both you and your team to follow.

I like breaking down quarterly goals in a financial aspect. What are you going to sell, how many, how much will that generate, and what’s the plan to get you there. ( Here’s an Example Quarterly Planning Worksheet based on a Document from Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani and shared in David’s Mastermind Group, Leucre)

Setting and reviewing goals is one of the MOST crucial parts of growth and improvement.

Once you write them down… well your MISSION is to accomplish them.

Step #3: Read different books individually with your team to build a strong bond, and keep everyone moving in the right direction. Dan Kennedy’s books are ALWAYS a great choice, I recommend “No B.S. Wealth Attraction” for starters to get your team in the right frame of mind.

Write down KEY action steps into a document and use this to create your OWN daily S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).

By systemizing your own schedule and mental growth you can “Hack” your own growth processes.

Habit #3 – Highly Effective Leaders Are Bold With A Purpose

If you want your team to follow you, you MUST boldly stand for something that you all can be purposely passionate about.

Here’s how to do just that:

*Take some time to decide exactly what your vision is by having a personal brain storm session. (don’t fall into the “I don’t have time” trap for this one)

*Once you define your vision, outline how you plan to accomplish it.

*Share your vision with your team and constantly keep them focused daily, weekly, monthly on exactly what the vision is, why they are investing so much time in the vision, and how accomplishing this vision will impact them and the world in an exciting way.

Ex: In 2016 Team Systemize.ly WILL help 2016 entrepreneurs systemize their businesses so that they can achieve the business and lifestyle of their dreams. We will accomplish this by providing unique solutions to meet the needs of our customer base in the form of digital information products, personal mentorship programs, and live events. Every day we must focus on our customer, our team vision, and our personal success. By diligently investing our time productively, we will change the world – PERIOD!

Re-read your mission and purpose statements each morning with your S.O.P. and goal sheet.

team work leads company to success

Habit #4 – Highly Effective Leaders Are Highly Accountable

Listen… We’re going to be point-blank direct with you…

If you’re not an accountable person, then we have to non-apologetically declare that you my friend are “NOT” yet a leader.


Because being a leader requires a HIGH level accountability for both the well being of the group and yourself.

(Did you notice I put “yourself” second? It’s all about the details friend.)

To help you become an accountability master, I’m generously sharing a quick and easy to follow system that you can begin to start implementing (and benefiting from) immediately.

Here it is:

Step #1: Set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual benchmarks for you and your team that correspond directly with your bold vision that we spoke about in Habit #3.

Step #2: Lead by example by doing your part, and communicating openly with your team in a manner that highlights both the success of your team as well as the personal success of special team members in regards to the vision.

Ex: Yesterday we hit “xyz” benchmark, it resulted from “xyz strategy” being implemented effectively. I truly appreciate your efforts. I want to take a moment to acknowledge “Bob’s diligent effort in helping us all achieve “xyz benchmark” by allowing “Bob” to share why “xyz” strategy is working so well. This way “we” can “all” be motivated to do the same. (Let Bob talk). Great work Bob…great work everybody!

Step #3 Continue this process over, and over again. It’s a system, REMEMBER?

Leaders give credit when credit is due and motivate/inspire their team to do BETTER when they aren’t. Your job is to get your team on board with your vision and mission and have them excited to put in the hard work. When things get tough in your business, this is when you need them inspired most.

Habit #5 – Highly Effective Leaders Reward Their Team Members For Great Work

One of the best strategies to motivate your team as an effective leader is to reward your team.

You can do this by setting up special reward systems that keep your team focused, accountable, and motivated to do their best work each and every day.

Here’s an example:

“In the first quarter our goal is to achieve a “20% increase in over all product sales”. When our team hits this sales goal, we will all take a weekend getaway to Hawaii courtesy of me.”

If you’re in the leadership role, and you can’t afford a trip to hawaii for your team do not worry or panic… Simply be creative by creating something “exciting” that motivates them to stay focused on the vision so that you all can celebrate the success of your business together!

Here’s a great resource for Treating your team with credits to specific stores they might love! (Uncover.com)

Remember these 5 CORE leadership traits are ONLY highly effective when you practice them habitually which means that you don’t have to wait till tomorrow to start making them a habit today!

Simply give yourself the green light to habitually become a better leader and you will – PERIOD!

Have a great day…I look forward to hearing all of your fantastic feedback in the comments section!

Talk Soon,
Michael James
Team Systemize.ly

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