Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success

Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success

Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success


Have you ever enjoyed a cool refreshing Coca-Cola Classic soft drink?

Chances are you have because statistics reveal that Coca-Cola products now available in over 200 countries and averages 1.9 billion servings of its product a day.

With impressive numbers like that, it’s safe to say that:

A) Coca-Cola has developed an extremely loyal customer base that they’ve nurtured extremely well over the years…


B) Coca-Cola knows a thing or two about marketing and positioning their brand.

Want to know what’s even cooler?

By the time that you read and comment on today’s blog post, you’ll have a step-by-step system that you can model to build an incredible brand in your market place too!

With that in mind, let’s get started…

Introducing Coca-Cola’s Magic Formula For Marketing Success

Principle #1 – Take Calculated Risks And Adjust When Needed

To be a leader in the soft drink industry, Coca-Cola has taken calculated risks over the years to position themselves as the bench mark for the best cola beverage business in the world.

Of all the risks they have taken over the history of their remarkable brand, no risk is more widely noted than the risk that revolutioned how people consume soda pop that occurred way back in 1985, when they changed their formula to “new coke” to try to slow down the upsurge of brand loyalty to the new kid on the block Pepsi-Cola.

The result?

Complete mayhem from their customer base that caused angry customers to desperately buy up any remaining original Coca-Cola that they could find before it was gone forever.


A flood of angry customer complaints to the Coca-Cola customer service line that passionately expressed their hatred for the Coca-Cola brand to any Coca-Cola representative they could.

At this point in time Coca-Cola could had only 2 real options…

Option A) They could have been stubborn and continued to mass produce “new coke” and ignore their customers monumental volume of complaints…


Option B) They could swallow their pride, chalk up this risk as a learning experience and go back to what was working for the last 99 years, the previous formula that every body loved.

Luckily for Coca-Cola and their fabulous brand, they made the smart decision to go with Option “B” which catapulted them to the top of the soft drink market while simultaneously slowing down the momentum that Pepsi-Cola had developed.


Now that you know the story, I’m going to share exactly how this principle can be used by you in your own personal brand:

Step #1: Invest time, money, and effort into split-testing.

Step #2: Set up a control and try different variables to beat the control.

Step #3: Repeat this process on all your properties that you have including paid advertisements, landing pages, offers…

Step #4: Follow Coca-Cola example by paying close attention to the action that your audience/customers are taking by making the proper adjustments to meet their needs best.

Step #5: Make this a system and delegate this to someone else on your team so that you can begin scaling your business and investing your time into the specific areas that you are most effective in.

Principle #2 – Make Your Product So Good Your Customers Wont Be Able To Stop Talking About It

If you read principle #1, I think you’ll agree with me that Coca-Cola customers truly love their product!


Because they became an angry mob over a tiny little formula change and would have been willing to go to hell and back simply to get another taste of their sugary sweet Coca-Cola Classic.

What about your current product offerings???

Are your customers raving about them???

Are they willing to go to hell and back just to get their hands on what you’re selling???

cocacola fans

If not, then I utterly insist that you:

A) Start improving on your current products by spending advertising dollars to test your current offerings

B) Take the time to survey and develop case studies with some of your current customers to get positive social proof, and improvement strategies to make your current offerings even more irresistable.

C) Give the consumer EXACTLY what THEY want…not what YOU THINK they want.

If you’re willing to do the above three steps, then I’m infinitely confident that you will:

-Increase the income of your business…

-Increase the customer loyalty to your brand…

-And most importantly develop a personal brand that your customers CANT STOP RAVING ABOUT…

If Coca-Cola can do it…so can you – PERIOD!

Principle #3 – Stay Relevant With Your Audience

One of the reasons that Coca-Cola Classic still has such a strong following today is due to the fact that they still are relevant with the world today.

How do they still relevant you ask?

The answer is simple…they have a killer content marketing strategy that I’m going to share with you today.

Best of all, it’s straight from the horses mouth because Coca-Cola’s very own manager of digital communications and social media, Ashley Callahan recently presented this information and I’m excited to share it with you RIGHT NOW:

Step #1 – Ask Yourself If Your Content Passes The “Why Should I Care” test?

Step #2 – Ask Yourself If Your Content Surprises You Or Will Surprise Your Audience?

Step #3 – Ask Yourself If Your Content Has Universal Appeal?

Step #4 – Ask Yourself If Your Content Has The Potential To Generate Interest In What You Have To Offer?

If your content does that, then you can rest assured that you’re on the right track to connecting w/ your audience, getting them to take action, and building a brand that your loyal followers won’t want to stop talking about!

Pretty cool right?

You want to know what’s even cooler though????

Taking the magic formula that you learned today and implementing it into your business immediately.

Remember this – the only person who can make that magic happen though is you, so be sure to move fwd today by taking the iniative to use it to your advantage IMMEDIATELY, o.k.?

On that note, thank you for reading today’s blog post and I look forward to hearing how much that you loved it in the comments section.


Talk Soon,
Michael James

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