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David Abrams on The Top Podcast: Understanding SaaS Business Leverage

David Abrams on The Top Podcast: Understanding SaaS Business Leverage

In episode 105 of The Top, Nathan Latka interviewed David Abrams, the founder of They discussed how David has used a smart professional offering to drive cash flow, and then used that cash to invest in building a cutting edge software platform. Nathan dove into the numbers and explored how much revenue Systemizely is generating and what it’s costing David to invest in Demio.

And of course, we also got to hear David’s answers to “The Famous Five!” Check out his answers.

1.Favorite Business Book: The Millionaire Fastlane
2.Is there a CEO that you’re following or studying right now? Jason Lemkin Saastr
3.Favorite online tool: Slack and Trello as one tool
4.Do you get 8 hours of sleep each night? Yes 7.5 – 8.
5.If you wish your 20-year old self knew one thing, what would it be?
There is no secret formula to being an entrepreneur. You just have to jump in and risk it, do it. Stay focused on your goals.

Go ahead and listen to the episode for yourself. (It only takes ~15 minutes!)
Then read on to hear me break down the most important takeaway from the show.

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Genius Business Idea For Recurring Revenue

Genius Business Idea For Recurring Revenue

Do you like to hear about creative business ideas?

I know I do, and that’s why I’m pleased to share with you one that I recently saw that I’m positive will really inspire you.

The specific quality that makes this idea so noteworthy is the fact that it takes a hungry market (that to my knowledge no one has ever found a solution to appease at this point) and provides the perfect solution to ease their pain at an affordable price point on a monthly basis.

Is this a genious idea?

I’d say so – but you’ll have to read today’s blog post to make your own decision for yourself…

…And when I say read the blog post, I mean read it from top to bottom, o.k.?

This way you’ll be able to digest every nutritious nugget of marketing knowledge and model it as you see fit.

On that note – let’s get started!

So What’s The Idea And What’s So Genious About It?

Good question my friend!

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