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How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

Mastering the art of employee promotion is very important to the growth of your team.

Why? Because it provides a unique platform to acknowledge your employees for their exceptional work while simultaneously increasing their value and productivity with their new position.

To be great at this process, you don’t have to be a genius, you simply have to leave your ego at the door and apply the winning strategies that I share with you in today’s blog post!

Let’s get started…

4 Steps To Promote Your Employees Like A Pro

If you want to start promoting your employees like a pro, simply follow these guidelines:

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Should I Give My Employee A Raise?

Should I Give My Employee A Raise?

Chances are that you may have contemplated this extremely important question as a business owner:

Should I give my employee a raise?

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you some specific guidelines that can assist you in coming to your own decision when it comes to your personal team.

With that in mind, let’s move forward, o.k.?

Before You Hand Out Your Next Raise, Please Consider This…

To find out if your employee is “raise worthy”, take a few moments to evaluate your employee by asking yourself the following questions:

Question #1: Is My Employee A “REAL TALENT” Or Are They Simply Collecting Their Paycheck?

Giving your employee a raise is something that has an effect on both your business and the employee receiving the pay increase. If your employee is a contributor and not simply collecting a paycheck, do consider giving this rock star a raise.

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Hiring Easier with a Hiring Assessment Tool

Hiring Easier with a Hiring Assessment Tool

If you’re looking for an effective way to help your organization clearly identify what specific areas need to be addressed through hiring, then you’re going to love today’s blog post!

Why? Because the hiring assessment tool that you’re about to receive is going to save you time, money, energy and most importantly help you to clearly identify EXACTLY what areas your company needs to improve in.

This way you can prepare internally before any external moves are made, and you can streamline this entire process without any additional distress.

In the art of business, it’s important to evaluate your performance.

The following steps will assist you in the process of identifying specific needs of your organization so that your business not only grows, but thrives in the long haul!

Step #1: Identify What Competency’s Are Currently Working/Lacking On My Team?

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How To Reward Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank

How To Reward Your Employees Without Breaking The Bank

Contrary to what your employees may tell you, studies show that more income does not always equate to better on the job performance.

That’s why it’s so important to realize there are other ways to keep employees working hard, passionate about their position, and ready to give their best to your company as much as humanly possible.

To help you with that, I decided to share with you some creative strategies that can generously reward your employees without causing you any financial distress.

Here Are Some Cool Strategies To Reward Your Employees For Great Work

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Employee Training Made Simple

Employee Training Made Simple

If you’re reading today’s blog post I’m guessing that:

A) You’ve just hired a new rockstar for your dream team…

B) You’re in the process of doing point A and you want to be ahead of the curve

C) You’re humble enough to realize that you don’t know it all and you want to make new employee training, and future team education as painless as possible.

If any the above A,B,C’s that I just mentioned sound like you, then I can honestly say that today’s blog post is going to be a really big game changer for you and your business.

I’ll explain more details in just a moment…

4 Strategies To Make Your Employee Training A Breeze

Below I’ve clearly outlined -4- highly effective strategies to simplify employee training processes for your organization.

Use them to your advantage!

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How To Strategically Manage Your Operating Budget Like A Pro

How To Strategically Manage Your Operating Budget Like A Pro

Let’s face it…

Money is an extremely important part of every business.

At the end of the day, properly managing your funds can have dramatic effects on how easily and effortlessly that you scale, grow, and sell your business when the time is right.

If this sounds like unfamiliar territory to you, fear not my friend because the good team here at has a fantastic resource to share with you today called:

“Business Budgeting Made Simple”

If you’re ready for some practical advice that can truly make sense of all the dollars that have been floating in and out of your business, then this powerful resource will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Do yourself (and your business) a big favor by diving and implementing everything that you discover in today’s blog post, o.k.?

To Budget Your Operating Expenses Follow These Best Practices

Having a successful operating budget is not rocket science if you follow these 3 best practices:

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How To Negotiate Employee Contracts Like A Pro

How To Negotiate Employee Contracts Like A Pro

Picture this….

Your business is in the process of profitability scaling, and growing… and you just found the ultimate “Rock Star Applicant” (see recent blog post to find out if they are a “Rock Star Applicant”!)

*They fit the culture of your organization perfectly….

*They have the exact skill-set and experience that your company needs to scale and grow at a faster rate…

*They are positive, energetic, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done…

At this point, the only thing left to do is negotiate the contractual agreement so that this “Rock Star” becomes a permanent member of your winning organization.

Luckily for you, today’s blog post will share some powerful strategies to help you negotiate employee contracts like a pro.

This way your business is protected, and the contract is well negotiated so both you and your new employee win!

On that note, be sure to read every single word on today’s blog post because it’s crucial to the success of your future negotiations, o.k.?

Contract Negotiation Is A Breeze When You Follow These Steps…

Step #1: Clearly Define Role And Responsibilities And Perks Of Your New Hire

If you’re going to come to an agreement in writing, you must first clearly define exactly what you and your new hire are going to agree to in writing.

For best results, be sure to include these areas: 

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How To Differentiate Warning Signs from Winning Signs during Hiring Process

How To Differentiate Warning Signs from Winning Signs during Hiring Process

Let’s face it…

If you and your business are going to get to the highest level possible, then building a successful team around you will be highly advantageous to both the profitability of your business and the quality of your life.

Because of this, the team here at has decided to hook you up with a “5-Part Cheat Sheet” to help you differentiate between winning signs and warning signs throughout your personal hiring process.

This way you won’t feel alone in the hiring process and you’ll have some clear and definitive objectives to focus on so that you can create a culture of excellence in your business for years to come…

So Whats The Difference Between a “Warning Sign” and a “Winning Sign” Anyways???

Before we delve into the “5-Part Cheat sheet” that I promised you in the beginning of this blog, I felt that the best way to get you up to speed in the hiring process is to provide you a brief synopsis on the differentiation skills that you will need to develop in order to identify both “warning signs” and a “winning signs” throughout the hiring process.

Here are some best practices that I’ve laid out for you to help you with just that…

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Employee Correction Is Easy With The Oreo Technique

Employee Correction Is Easy With The Oreo Technique

Does the idea of providing corrective discipline to an employee frustrate you?

If you said “Yes” to the above question then frustrate yourself no more my friend because I have a very special technique that I am excited to share with you today called the “Oreo technique“.

If you’re not sure exactly what it is, worry not because you’re going to get the full scoop on what the “Oreo technique” is as well as how to use the “Oreo technique” in just a moment…

Disciplining Your Employees Is A Breeze When You Know How…

What you’re about to receive will change the way you discipline your employees in the work place forever.

It’s called the “Oreo technique“, and it’s a 3-step process that will allow you to clearly, and constructively correct any employee without the typical headaches of traditional correction done in the work place.

To best illustrate this concept, let’s focus on how to construct an Oreo cookie….

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The Rock Star Formula: How To Spot An Applicant With Character

The Rock Star Formula: How To Spot An Applicant With Character

There are two types of applicants in this world:

The Rock Star Applicants…

And the Applicants Who Wish They Were Rock Star Applicants.

Do you know what separates the two types of applicants?

If you answered this question with the word “character” then you my friend are 100% correct.

To keep this positive momentum going that you and I just built, I think that it’s only fair that I share with you the secret to spotting applicants for your team who actually posses this trait.

I’ll hook you up with all the details in just a moment…

I Call It “The Rock Star Formula”

If you’re looking to build yourself a team of rock stars who posses high levels of character, then “The Rock Star Formula” can help you accomplish EXACTLY that.

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