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How Much Are You Losing By Not Testing?

How Much Are You Losing By Not Testing?

“Test, test, test.”

We hear this saying all of the time, almost becoming annoying.

I’m here to tell you, I know of a little something that’s a it MORE annoying.

Ready? *drum roll*

Losing money by NOT testing.

One of my favorite quotes from David Ogilvy is:

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

Believe me I know it’s an extra step in your marketing funnel, but a very necessary one.

So let’s dive in what we SHOULD test and then I’ll go on to give some real examples of tests I’ve done.

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5 Million Dollar Marketing KPI’s To Rapidly Increase Your Revenue

5 Million Dollar Marketing KPI’s To Rapidly Increase Your Revenue


Are you currently on track to hit the 6 or 7 figure mark in your online business this year?

Whether you are or you aren’t, the powerful information that you’re about to discover in this post has the potential to give your current digital business venture a serious boost… sooo be sure to read all the way.

So What’s A KPI And Why Is It So Important Anyway?

A KPI is a tool that allows serious marketers just like you to measure the effectiveness of their current online marketing campaigns.

Once you begin to implement and measure each KPI correctly, you’ll be able to make more profitable and strategical moves that will result in a more profitable and optimized overall marketing campaign.

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Google Analytics Updates Gives a Boost to Your Facebook Advertising

Google Analytics Updates Gives a Boost to Your Facebook Advertising

There is one thing I tell all my clients focused on growing their business.

Facebook advertising is POWERFUL.

Personally, I love to use it over Google Adwords for a variety of reasons, the best of which is the power to understand and target my niche demographic with the Graph Search, User ID’s, and Precision Interest Targeting based on User’s Age, Sex, Relationship Status, and Work Place.

But, it looks like Google is making a HUGE push to catch up using their own Display/Retargeting Network.

New Google Analytics Updates now has a direct tie into the Display/Retargeting Adwords campaigns and will be an extremely valuable asset for anyone doing advertising on EITHER network.

Google Analytics Updates

Now, Google Demographic Breakdown will give you advanced stats from your campaigns based on the users Age, Gender, Interests, and Website Favorites.

Why is this new Google Demographic Breakdown so awesome?

Well, although Facebook advertising is fantastic, you still ultimately need to take them out of Facebook in order to drive people to your web-based squeeze page, website, sales page, e-commerce area, or blog.

You can build the biggest fan page, community, or personal following, but the real money comes from your Digital Offers!

Imagine how powerful could you get with your advertising on Facebook if you could specifically see who converted, engaged, and interacted most with your website? (and if you have not read our post on how Advertising Traffic converts differently – read it here)

Use these Three easy steps to POWER up your Facebook Advertising:

1) Launch a Google Display Advertising campaign on a low budget across the web. Make sure you do Conversion Optimization to confirm it’s tracking your results on conversion goals on your website.

After 30 days you will have the ability to launch an “Enhanced Campaign” where your display ads have been pushed to places you didn’t even think your demographic (who converts the highest) lives!

2) Review the results of your conversion optimization to find the primary demographic that engaged, interacted, and purchased the highest on your website.

3) Use your demographic results to narrow your Facebook campaigns to drive higher clicks for a lower price! (Yes, think .10-.30 cents a click on Facebook direct to an opt-in page). Use this model to scale, scale, scale that campaign up and up.

Google’s power is that it is seemingly omnipresent!

People are so heavily browsing and searching through Google that you will gather data of real conversions that will blow away the demographic-based advertising you probably already have set up now on Facebook.

Now get out there and start moving!