Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs Pt #2

Hello my friend!

Welcome back and thanks so much for tuning into part #2 of’s 2-part series on ‘Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs’.

In part #2 of this series, you’re going to discover:

A simple cheat sheet that you can use to simplify your personal fitness workouts so that you boost your overall health and productivity in your business.

Best of all, you can use it whether you’re in your office, your home, or even in your hotel room when you’re on the road.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get started!

*Introducing Your Personal Fitness Cheat Sheet*

*Must Have #1: The Gym Boss App

The gym boss is the next best thing to having your very own fitness coach.


It’s simple – the Gym Boss App keeps tracks of your sets, and rest periods so that you don’t have to 100% on your smart phone.

This way you can:

*Crush your workouts…

*Stay focused…

*And finally stop worrying about tiny details like if you’re exerting yourself too little or too much during your work sets/rest periods!

Best of all, the Gym Boss App is 100% free so there’s no excuse not to get it.

*Must Have #2: Personal Resistance Band And Door Jam

Believe it or not – you really don’t need a full gym to get a great workout.

All you really  need is:

*Your own body weight…

*A personal resistance band…

*A door jam!

If you have those -3- things, you really can perform an almost infinite amount of strength and cardio exercises.

If you’re not sure what type of resistance band to get, be sure to check out:

*Lifeline fitness bands


(Note: You can purchase both of them at

*Must Have #3: Starter Warm-Up

Perform 1-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions of each of the following warm-up exercises back to back with no rest.

*Jumping Jacks
*Skier Jacks
*Cross Jacks

If after one set you feel that your heart rate is up high enough, and you’ve broken a sweat then feel
free to move onto to your workout of choice.

*Must Have #4: Starter Workout

This starter workout is a great way to start your workout routine.

It consists of some basic exercises that just about anyone can do, and it can be done just about anywhere.

Enough talk, here’s your Starter Workout:

*Push ups
*Running in place
*Wall Sit
*Mountain Climber
*Resistance Band Row

For starters, take your gym boss and perform these simple exercises for:

*15 second work sets

*30 second rest periods

*1-3 sets of each exercise back to back till you finish

Best of all each set takes a little over 4 minutes…


…You only have to workout 1-3 times a week to see real results!

You do have around 4 minutes to invest in your health, RIGHT?

*Must Have #5: Cool Down

Successfully cooling down is not rocket science.

Simply perform a full body stretching routine, or walk around for 5-8 minutes until your heart rate decreases and you relax.

Doing this will keep you healthy, wealthy, and productive!

***Do You Want It Or Not???***

At this point, you have to decide for yourself if:

*You’re truly committed to becoming healthier, wealthier, and laser focused by implementing
what you learned today…

*You’re going to make the effort to be healthy enough to enjoy the wealth you’re currently building in your business…

-You’re finally ready to stop making excuses…

-You’re committed to supercharging your health and your business with regular exercise!

If you’re truly committed, the only person stopping you is YOU.

Today I’ve given you some powerful tools.

All that’s left is for you to use them, and use them consistently.

The rest will take care of itself.

Dedicated to your health and wealth,

Mike Mahon CSCS
Team Systemizel.y

Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs Pt #1

Hello my friend!

Thanks so much for tuning into part #1 of’s 2-part series on: ‘Fitness Secrets For Busy Entrepreneurs’.

In this 2-part series, you’re going to discover some quick, easy, and effective fitness strategies you can use to make fitness a permanent part of your life no matter how busy of an entrepreneur you are .

Enough of the small talk my friend, let’s get started!

*4 High ROI Fitness Strategies To Make You Healthier And More Productive*

*Strategy #1: Schedule Fitness Into Your Life

Many entrepreneurs do not lack the dedication to be fit, they simply neglect to exercise regularly because they fail to plan it into their lives.

The quick and easy solution?

Schedule regular exercise into your life by inputting into your personal planner.

When it’s time to complete it, go into your exercise routine head first just like any other task in your
business, and then simply cross it off when it’s complete.

Simple, RIGHT?

If you’re not sure when to schedule it, simply do it first thing in the morning. This way your mind will be clear, alert, and ready to take on any challenge knowing that you already accomplished an incredibly important task… investing in your health.

*Strategy #2 Keep Your Fitness Routine Consistent

One of the reasons you currently are not exercising consistently may be due to the fact
that you’re not sure exactly what to do to exercise for best results.

The truth is this – your body responds to ‘direct stimulus’ and even the smallest investment of exercise consistently will pay dividends for you in the long run.

With that in mind – if you’re currently not exercising at all, make a commitment to spend 21 minutes the next 21 days performing a cardiovascular activity that you enjoy.

This way you’ll begin to get your body moving and you’ll be on the fast track to better health, and a healthier business.

The bottom line is this, be consistent!

Your body, and your business will thank you for it, and everyone will notice your new physical and mental edge.

*Strategy #3: Get A Accountability Buddy

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but there is power in numbers.

With that in mind, be sure to find yourself an accountability buddy who can help you stay on
track with your fitness/business goals.

This way you have the support and encouragement you need to continue to keep pressing on during those days when you don’t feel your best.

I can promise you that the more fitness becomes a healthy success habit for you, those days
you don’t feel great will be far less then you’re currently experiencing right now.

Don’t just take my word for it though, implement this simple strategy and watch your productivity soar!

If you’re not sure who would make a good accountability buddy consider these -2- options:

*A trusted friend who will commit to keeping you on a track.

*A personal coach who will hold you accountable for your personal fitness and business goals.

*Bonus Strategy #4: Schedule A Power Nap

Want to make any of your toughest business challenges more easier to handle?

If your answer to the above question is “YES!”, then be sure to schedule
a power nap before one of your more challenging business tasks.

This way you are energized, focused, refreshed, and more productive.

If you’re unsure how to long you should your nap for, simply schedule your nap between 15-90 minutes in duration to achieve the best results possible.

***Success Is Inevitable My Friend***

Congratulations my friend!

You now posses some easy-to-implement, high ROI fitness strategies specifically created to help you become healthier, wealthier, and more productive.

Remember this…the strategies you learned today WILL WORK FOR YOU when you implement them.

With that in mind, don’t wait forever!

Apply what you learned in today’s article and start building a healthier wealthier version of yourself today!

Dedicated to your health and wealth,

Mike Mahon, CSCS
Team Systemizel.y

33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples

33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples

The truth is, most people struggle making money online because they don’t realize that making money is a “FORMULA.”

So you can get INCREDIBLY high conversions IF you understand the formula for creating a Call-To-Action in digital ads.

“Rules For Getting Call-To-Action” Ads To Convert:

RULE #1: Maximum 1-3 Words… Period!

RULE #2: Make It Impossible To Miss

Call to actions MUST stand out. In sales you may have heard the #1 reason that most people don’t get the sale is that “They Don’t Ask” for the sale.

If your “Call-To-Action” doesn’t stand out then it’s exactly like you “NOT asking for the sale.”

This is why I LOVE to put Call-To-Action’s in a BUTTON.  Because buttons DO make your Call-To-Actions stand out.





These ads broke Rule #1 and Rule #2 and PAID FOR IT DEARLY!

They used too many words and didn’t stand out from the ad, so no matter how compelling the headline is or the image the viewer isn’t “ASKING FOR THE SALE.”

I think you’re starting to get the picture right? If you BREAK THE RULES [Formula], then your ads won’t be successful as they should be.


If you want someone to take action, then you TELL THEM WHAT ACTION YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE :).

Seems simple enough right?

But it has a few pitfalls to it, because not all action verbs are created equal.

Call-To-Action buttons are the #1 element that you MUST split test.

Here’s why… when you’re placing your ad, you’re NOT TRYING TO SELL, you’re trying to identify those that might be interested.

Marketing = Identifying viewers that might be interested
Selling = Converting interested viewers into sales.

This is usually done with a long form sales page.

So please, please, please stick to marketing with Ads and use your landing pages to sell.

In theory, you’re marketing with your ads to cast a WIDE NET of attention.

Remember, when they visit the page you can retarget them which gives you another bite of the apple if they don’t convert on your landing page.

Marketing     vs.     Selling:
Find Out          vs.     Book Now
Download       vs.    Order Now
Get Access      vs.    Become A Member
Learn More    vs     BUY Now

This is why you have to be careful on what verbs you start with because if they are not READY to BOOK or ORDER or BECOME or BUY “Right Now” … then they won’t click your ad and you WON’T ever be able to retarget them.

However, if you use an action word that is “Find” “Download” “Get” “Learn” then you cast a wider net to get those that MIGHT be interested to be sold by your landing page and you get another shot at them to retarget them.

Wow… we’ve covered a lot already!

I’ll save the next 3 Rules for an email I’ll be sending out early next week (so keep an eye out for that).

RULE #4:  Coming Soon
RULE #5:  Coming Soon
RULE #6:  Coming Soon (you NEED this one to profitably grow a business)

As I stated, I also wanted to leave you with 33 High-Converting examples of “Call To Action” buttons, that we’ve found are the most powerful:

  1. Get It Free

  2. Download now

  3. Open An Account

  4. Check Out More

  5. Get Exclusive Access

  6. Build It Now

  7. Sign Up Now

  8. Get Yours Free

  9. Talk To Us

  10. Choose Your Plan

  11. Get Yours Now

  12. Book Your Room

  13. Sign Me Up

  14. Start Accepting Cards

  15. Give Me Access

  16. Create My Resume

  17. Grow My Business

  18. Get More Customers

  19. Give Now

  20. Download Now

  21. Request A Call

  22. Live Chat Now

  23. Get Help Now

  24. Start Saving

  25. Learn More

  26. Click For Access

  27. Show Me More

  28. Try It Free

  29. Cut Your Taxes

  30. Free Access

  31. Find Out How

  32. Shop Now

  33. Save More Now

Hopefully you can see how these 33 high converting Call-To-Action words follow these three initial rules and if you simply follow the formula you’ll find greater success with Clicks, Conversions, and Sales with your ads!

Dedicated To Your Success,
The Ad ReSpark 2.0 Team

P.S. Rule #4 Is “USE First Person” and I’ll explain how and why that psychology can double your conversions in the next post. Keep your eyes peeled 🙂


How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

How To Master The Art Of Employee Promotion

Mastering the art of employee promotion is very important to the growth of your team.

Why? Because it provides a unique platform to acknowledge your employees for their exceptional work while simultaneously increasing their value and productivity with their new position.

To be great at this process, you don’t have to be a genius, you simply have to leave your ego at the door and apply the winning strategies that I share with you in today’s blog post!

Let’s get started…

4 Steps To Promote Your Employees Like A Pro

If you want to start promoting your employees like a pro, simply follow these guidelines:

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6 Time-Saving Tools To Streamline Your Business Operations

6 Time-Saving Tools To Streamline Your Business Operations

As an entrepreneur your time is extremely VALUABLE!

That’s why the winning team here at is dedicated to bringing you powerful content to help you make the most of it.

In today’s blog post you’re going to discover 6 time-saving tools to help you streamline your business operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This way, your business will be able to run smoother, and you will be able to experience the positive benefits from these tools that you’re looking for without any real extra exertion on your part.

If that sounds exciting to you (and I’m confident that it does!) then I highly suggest that you read every single word of this blog from top to bottom, o.k.?

If You’re Not Implementing These Powerful Tools In Your Business You’re Crazy

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From zero to 200,000 – and how I did it in 1 year

From zero to 200,000 – and how I did it in 1 year

You’re finally ready to take the leap, but not quite sure how you’re going to sneak by.

How are you financially going to make it happen?

I know the feeling – I remember being there and for me the two fastest ways I found to bring in revenue and start my business?

  1.  Service (Selling services to people who needed them)
  2. Consulting (Guiding people to solving problems I knew how to fix)

Both are a great way for a beginner to start… You don’t need a LIST, a PRODUCT, a BRAND, a FOLLOWING.

You simply need to know how to find a niche, solve a problem, and what actions are necessary to solve it.

For me, I was just coming out of a web position when I made my leap. My big “knowledge” base was in technology and websites.  For you, it may be something totally different. It can be in your passion, in your hobby, in learning more about how you’ve overcome some obstacle in your life (this is more than tangible skill – it can also be mindset related, health related, support related, or even experience related).

I personally saw how many people were in need of a new website, a converting website, a website that didn’t just feel like a flat, lifeless online brochure.

I started on a few projects on a small scale. I learned that I wasn’t that great at the technical and creative side as I thought, but where I WAS good – was in coming up with an idea for a brand/product and hiring people that were.

So, my start was in hiring a small team – 1 Designer and 1 Programmer.  (I contracted them via Upwork after a series of interviews and tests to start so I only paid them hourly based on the job and in my budget)

I was able to find Website templates online (Themeforest), organize the customizations I wanted done, the marketing angles that the website needed, and the flow that we wanted.

I had the designer make the design mockups and the developer place them in.

I managed the project and produced a fast, customizable experience for my buyers.

No, I never actually developed the websites. But, I managed the team that could.

I went from a small hourly service fee, to $500/website, to $1500/website, to $5,000/website, to $25,000/website (yes! I literally was doing large websites for over $20k or more).

I grew the team and attracted better, talented individuals.

People who specialized in those roles. But, my own growth came in Management, Talent Recruitment, Sales, and Fulfillment.

So from zero experience in web design, to owning an agency that did over 200,000 in it’s first year. Not too shabby. (I also want to make it clear that the first few months take some time to figure things out and get traction. I think my first month I did like $2,000 in sales from pure hustle alone. Within 3 months that had tripled.)

The truth is, people NEED Done For You Solutions. They NEED services.  And they’re happily willing to pay for it.

My first dose of confidence and ability in this world, however, came in the form of Consulting.

Someone was willing to pay me money to listen to me help them problem solve. To come up with a better website strategy. To outline the process that I used to run my SEO team.

Literally, paid me to talk about what I was doing.

The light switch literally clicked “ON.”

Never before had I felt like what I knew was valuable (my mindset was terrible back then and employee focused only).

But, what I came to realize is that what people truly pay for isn’t a product or service or *thing* – it’s RESULTS.

It’s the ability to trade time for progress. More money. More leads. Better traction. Better marketing.

So consulting became a great gateway INTO selling services.

First, I would be paid to solve their problem. Then I would offer the service to get it DONE.

By then, we had a relationship and it was a much easier selling cycle. And it was NEVER a “salesy” or pushy call. It was literally a conversation of excitement and thankfulness that they could have that problem solved. itself was created on this ground. I did consulting for 2 years on Marketing, Funnels, and Automation. It’s been amazing and powerful. I’ve been able to leverage great things and fund my software business.

As I said in my last post – the fastest way to success is to learn from those who have done it already. And that’s exactly what my friend Sam has done.

He built a pretty insane Consulting business that does around $360,000 per month. And he has a free webinar that he’s hosting right now that teaches you:

– Why consulting is such a big opportunity online right now even if you are a total beginner online (it’s the exact way I got started)

– How to pick your BEST most PROFITABLE niche and craft your consulting offer directly for them (I started with web design and businesses who lacked online traction)

– How to find prospects and collect clients even if nobody knows who you are (this is the step a lot of people mess up! It’s all about the systems to get leads and sell without being slimey and pushy)

– How to create packages that command high prices from day one (so you don’t have to start low like I did)

– How to get yourself a paycheck from it as soon as possible (I got my first paycheck within 1 week of starting on my own. SERIOUSLY.)

You can register for this limited time webinar here.

Now, I know what you are thinking… you’re already doing something online – maybe SEO, Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, OR maybe you’re just getting started and you have no idea which path to choose first.

The best part of this process is that you don’t have to give up doing those things. In fact, I ran in this exact way as a process to fund and learn how to build profitable software.

That was my true passion.

But, without the funds from Consulting and Services, I would NEVER have been able to make it there.

It’s just too hard to get started without money in the bank. (those burning questions and fears – they drive you mad and then comes the anxiety. It’s scary and I get it!)

This webinar is 100% free to attend, so check it out and take away some of the juicy nuggets of info to incorporate into what you are doing.

That’s the best way to grow yourself. Learn from those ALREADY doing it successfully.

Sign up for the webinar right here and let me know afterwards in the comments below what was your main insight or learning point – I read all comments!

David Abrams


Would love to know how this helped you!
David Abrams

How To Profitably Validate Product Ideas For Max Roi – Part 2

How To Profitably Validate Product Ideas For Max Roi – Part 2

Once you’ve identified what is the biggest problem you can solve better then anyone else and that applies to your customer avatar (follow the steps outlined in Part 1 of this post here) – you are ready to move into validating your product idea with your target market.

Step #4: Create 5-10 Headlines and Outline The Offer For Your Lead Capture Landing Page

One of the most important steps in the entire product idea validation process is creating the copy for your actual lead capture landing page that you’ll be using to test the validity of your offer.

To help you streamline this process, you’ve officially been hooked up with your own personal landing page template

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How To Profitably Validate Product Ideas For Max Roi – Part 1

How To Profitably Validate Product Ideas For Max Roi – Part 1

Creating a product that people actually want and that you are proud to call your own is a process that you must master if you’re going to excel in online business.


Because when you implement product ideas properly, they allow you to create an asset that:

*Meets peoples needs and transforms their lives…

*Positions you as the authority in your marketplace…

*Allows you to create cash on demand…

*And most importantly can be scaled to earn money on autopilot so you can finally break free from the rat race!

With that in mind, the winning Team at thought that it would really help you to share a winning formula for helping you to profitably validate your product ideas for maximum roi.

On that note, let’s get you on the fast track to product validation success

Presenting The Magic Formula For Product Creation Success

One of the most overlooked aspects of product creation is the validation of product ideas. 

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Should I Give My Employee A Raise?

Should I Give My Employee A Raise?

Chances are that you may have contemplated this extremely important question as a business owner:

Should I give my employee a raise?

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you some specific guidelines that can assist you in coming to your own decision when it comes to your personal team.

With that in mind, let’s move forward, o.k.?

Before You Hand Out Your Next Raise, Please Consider This…

To find out if your employee is “raise worthy”, take a few moments to evaluate your employee by asking yourself the following questions:

Question #1: Is My Employee A “REAL TALENT” Or Are They Simply Collecting Their Paycheck?

Giving your employee a raise is something that has an effect on both your business and the employee receiving the pay increase. If your employee is a contributor and not simply collecting a paycheck, do consider giving this rock star a raise.

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