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In today’s blog post I’m going to elaborate on the second reason why entrepreneurs fail to scale, sail, and achieve the highest heights of success possible in their businesses.

This way you can eliminate what’s holding your business back from being successful, and you can make the necessary adjustments to increase the productivity of your company for EXPLOSIVE growth.

On that note, let’s dive right in…

*** I Hope -YOU’RE- Not Making This Deadly Mistake ***

In the modern world, there is a sea of information floating around.

In my personal opinion, this is both a blessing and a curse.


Because with all the easily accessible information floating around online, in info-products, and in traditional mediums it’s easy to get paralyzed with “information overload” and a chronic case of “paralysis by analysis” due to the fact we now live in the information age.

Don’t worry though, MJ and the winning team here at Systemize.ly have you covered with the perfect solution to turn your problem into profit.

I’ll explain more in just a moment…

*** How To Instantly Turn Your Paralysis Into Profit ***

The first thing you must do to turn your paralysis into profits is to focus on solutions rather than problems.

When it comes to information overload, here are a few solutions that you can use to ease your pain today:

Solution #1: “Clearly Define What You Do Best And FORGET The Rest”

MJ’s Note: In traditional education, there is a strong emphasis on being “well-rounded ” aka a big catalyst that is related to the first deadly mistake I outlined in part 1 that you can read more about HERE.”

In business however, it’s a totally different ball game because well-rounded one-man/woman business operations rarely have the capacity to scale and reach their maximum levels of profitability, scalability or sellability.

With that in mind, you must clearly define your personal niche and forget the rest!


The answer is simple really…

As a business owner it is not your job to be the best at everything.

However, it is your job to surround yourself with a team who has their own unique gifts and talents that can work together seemlessly for maximum productivity and rapid implementation with the least resistance possible.

This way you’ll no longer bury yourself in a sea of “information overload“, and the right team member can be counted on to execute their unique area of expertise so that production and growth can flow fruitfully.


Solution #2: Rapid Implementation Deployment

MJ’s Note: If you must learn something and the source you’re learning from is both trustworthy and valid you must set a deadline for yourself and move from learning to implementation.


It’s all about the speed of implementation my friend.

Don’t just take my word for it though.

Try it for yourself!

It’s worked for many other business owners in the past and I’m positive it will work for you too.


Solution #3: Clearly Define If The Information That You’re Consuming Is In Your 20%

MJ’s Note: Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? If not, here’s a crash course…

The 80/20 rule states that:

80 percent of your success comes from 20 percent of your efforts“.

…And with that in mind if the information you’re consuming does not fit into your 20%, then I highly recommend that you pass on taking the time to consume it or pass it on to your team member who it does.

This way your efforts are clearly concentrated and measurable and you can completely crush it on a daily basis.

*** Paraylsis or Profits – YOU DECIDE ***

Today I’ve shared with you some breakthrough information to break out of common slumps that business owners just like you face on a daily basis.

take action

It’s my hope that you humbly take them to heart, evaluate your personal situation, and implement them today.

On that note, I’m signing off!

Talk Soon,

Michael James
Team Systemize.ly

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