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33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples |

33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples

33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples

33 High Converting “Call to Action” Ad Examples

The truth is, most people struggle making money online because they don’t realize that making money is a “FORMULA.”

So you can get INCREDIBLY high conversions IF you understand the formula for creating a Call-To-Action in digital ads.

“Rules For Getting Call-To-Action” Ads To Convert:

RULE #1: Maximum 1-3 Words… Period!

RULE #2: Make It Impossible To Miss

Call to actions MUST stand out. In sales you may have heard the #1 reason that most people don’t get the sale is that “They Don’t Ask” for the sale.

If your “Call-To-Action” doesn’t stand out then it’s exactly like you “NOT asking for the sale.”

This is why I LOVE to put Call-To-Action’s in a BUTTON.  Because buttons DO make your Call-To-Actions stand out.





These ads broke Rule #1 and Rule #2 and PAID FOR IT DEARLY!

They used too many words and didn’t stand out from the ad, so no matter how compelling the headline is or the image the viewer isn’t “ASKING FOR THE SALE.”

I think you’re starting to get the picture right? If you BREAK THE RULES [Formula], then your ads won’t be successful as they should be.


If you want someone to take action, then you TELL THEM WHAT ACTION YOU WANT THEM TO TAKE :).

Seems simple enough right?

But it has a few pitfalls to it, because not all action verbs are created equal.

Call-To-Action buttons are the #1 element that you MUST split test.

Here’s why… when you’re placing your ad, you’re NOT TRYING TO SELL, you’re trying to identify those that might be interested.

Marketing = Identifying viewers that might be interested
Selling = Converting interested viewers into sales.

This is usually done with a long form sales page.

So please, please, please stick to marketing with Ads and use your landing pages to sell.

In theory, you’re marketing with your ads to cast a WIDE NET of attention.

Remember, when they visit the page you can retarget them which gives you another bite of the apple if they don’t convert on your landing page.

Marketing     vs.     Selling:
Find Out          vs.     Book Now
Download       vs.    Order Now
Get Access      vs.    Become A Member
Learn More    vs     BUY Now

This is why you have to be careful on what verbs you start with because if they are not READY to BOOK or ORDER or BECOME or BUY “Right Now” … then they won’t click your ad and you WON’T ever be able to retarget them.

However, if you use an action word that is “Find” “Download” “Get” “Learn” then you cast a wider net to get those that MIGHT be interested to be sold by your landing page and you get another shot at them to retarget them.

Wow… we’ve covered a lot already!

I’ll save the next 3 Rules for an email I’ll be sending out early next week (so keep an eye out for that).

RULE #4:  Coming Soon
RULE #5:  Coming Soon
RULE #6:  Coming Soon (you NEED this one to profitably grow a business)

As I stated, I also wanted to leave you with 33 High-Converting examples of “Call To Action” buttons, that we’ve found are the most powerful:

  1. Get It Free

  2. Download now

  3. Open An Account

  4. Check Out More

  5. Get Exclusive Access

  6. Build It Now

  7. Sign Up Now

  8. Get Yours Free

  9. Talk To Us

  10. Choose Your Plan

  11. Get Yours Now

  12. Book Your Room

  13. Sign Me Up

  14. Start Accepting Cards

  15. Give Me Access

  16. Create My Resume

  17. Grow My Business

  18. Get More Customers

  19. Give Now

  20. Download Now

  21. Request A Call

  22. Live Chat Now

  23. Get Help Now

  24. Start Saving

  25. Learn More

  26. Click For Access

  27. Show Me More

  28. Try It Free

  29. Cut Your Taxes

  30. Free Access

  31. Find Out How

  32. Shop Now

  33. Save More Now

Hopefully you can see how these 33 high converting Call-To-Action words follow these three initial rules and if you simply follow the formula you’ll find greater success with Clicks, Conversions, and Sales with your ads!

Dedicated To Your Success,
The Ad ReSpark 2.0 Team

P.S. Rule #4 Is “USE First Person” and I’ll explain how and why that psychology can double your conversions in the next post. Keep your eyes peeled 🙂


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