From zero to 200,000 – and how I did it in 1 year

From zero to 200,000 – and how I did it in 1 year

From zero to 200,000 – and how I did it in 1 year

You’re finally ready to take the leap, but not quite sure how you’re going to sneak by.

How are you financially going to make it happen?

I know the feeling – I remember being there and for me the two fastest ways I found to bring in revenue and start my business?

  1.  Service (Selling services to people who needed them)
  2. Consulting (Guiding people to solving problems I knew how to fix)

Both are a great way for a beginner to start… You don’t need a LIST, a PRODUCT, a BRAND, a FOLLOWING.

You simply need to know how to find a niche, solve a problem, and what actions are necessary to solve it.

For me, I was just coming out of a web position when I made my leap. My big “knowledge” base was in technology and websites.  For you, it may be something totally different. It can be in your passion, in your hobby, in learning more about how you’ve overcome some obstacle in your life (this is more than tangible skill – it can also be mindset related, health related, support related, or even experience related).

I personally saw how many people were in need of a new website, a converting website, a website that didn’t just feel like a flat, lifeless online brochure.

I started on a few projects on a small scale. I learned that I wasn’t that great at the technical and creative side as I thought, but where I WAS good – was in coming up with an idea for a brand/product and hiring people that were.

So, my start was in hiring a small team – 1 Designer and 1 Programmer.  (I contracted them via Upwork after a series of interviews and tests to start so I only paid them hourly based on the job and in my budget)

I was able to find Website templates online (Themeforest), organize the customizations I wanted done, the marketing angles that the website needed, and the flow that we wanted.

I had the designer make the design mockups and the developer place them in.

I managed the project and produced a fast, customizable experience for my buyers.

No, I never actually developed the websites. But, I managed the team that could.

I went from a small hourly service fee, to $500/website, to $1500/website, to $5,000/website, to $25,000/website (yes! I literally was doing large websites for over $20k or more).

I grew the team and attracted better, talented individuals.

People who specialized in those roles. But, my own growth came in Management, Talent Recruitment, Sales, and Fulfillment.

So from zero experience in web design, to owning an agency that did over 200,000 in it’s first year. Not too shabby. (I also want to make it clear that the first few months take some time to figure things out and get traction. I think my first month I did like $2,000 in sales from pure hustle alone. Within 3 months that had tripled.)

The truth is, people NEED Done For You Solutions. They NEED services.  And they’re happily willing to pay for it.

My first dose of confidence and ability in this world, however, came in the form of Consulting.

Someone was willing to pay me money to listen to me help them problem solve. To come up with a better website strategy. To outline the process that I used to run my SEO team.

Literally, paid me to talk about what I was doing.

The light switch literally clicked “ON.”

Never before had I felt like what I knew was valuable (my mindset was terrible back then and employee focused only).

But, what I came to realize is that what people truly pay for isn’t a product or service or *thing* – it’s RESULTS.

It’s the ability to trade time for progress. More money. More leads. Better traction. Better marketing.

So consulting became a great gateway INTO selling services.

First, I would be paid to solve their problem. Then I would offer the service to get it DONE.

By then, we had a relationship and it was a much easier selling cycle. And it was NEVER a “salesy” or pushy call. It was literally a conversation of excitement and thankfulness that they could have that problem solved. itself was created on this ground. I did consulting for 2 years on Marketing, Funnels, and Automation. It’s been amazing and powerful. I’ve been able to leverage great things and fund my software business.

As I said in my last post – the fastest way to success is to learn from those who have done it already. And that’s exactly what my friend Sam has done.

He built a pretty insane Consulting business that does around $360,000 per month. And he has a free webinar that he’s hosting right now that teaches you:

– Why consulting is such a big opportunity online right now even if you are a total beginner online (it’s the exact way I got started)

– How to pick your BEST most PROFITABLE niche and craft your consulting offer directly for them (I started with web design and businesses who lacked online traction)

– How to find prospects and collect clients even if nobody knows who you are (this is the step a lot of people mess up! It’s all about the systems to get leads and sell without being slimey and pushy)

– How to create packages that command high prices from day one (so you don’t have to start low like I did)

– How to get yourself a paycheck from it as soon as possible (I got my first paycheck within 1 week of starting on my own. SERIOUSLY.)

You can register for this limited time webinar here.

Now, I know what you are thinking… you’re already doing something online – maybe SEO, Ecommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, OR maybe you’re just getting started and you have no idea which path to choose first.

The best part of this process is that you don’t have to give up doing those things. In fact, I ran in this exact way as a process to fund and learn how to build profitable software.

That was my true passion.

But, without the funds from Consulting and Services, I would NEVER have been able to make it there.

It’s just too hard to get started without money in the bank. (those burning questions and fears – they drive you mad and then comes the anxiety. It’s scary and I get it!)

This webinar is 100% free to attend, so check it out and take away some of the juicy nuggets of info to incorporate into what you are doing.

That’s the best way to grow yourself. Learn from those ALREADY doing it successfully.

Sign up for the webinar right here and let me know afterwards in the comments below what was your main insight or learning point – I read all comments!

David Abrams


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